10 Successful Attitudes That Lead to Greater Happiness and Prosperity

Successful attitudes will help us find greater happiness and prosperity as we navigate life. Through my work as a Psychotherapist and Success Coach, I have found the following tips beneficial to my clients and I use them in my own life.

1. Believe first that you can do it. Convince yourself. Build a plan with a success coach today. Gratitude multiplies. The world needs your ideas! “I can do it”.At Forty Five Successful

2. Expect to succeed. Be specific and write it down and revise it. Trust your ideas and believe in yourself. You just need a plan of action. “Things are moving forward”

3. Meet disappointments constructively. Remember practice is creating perfect! Do Do! Happens! There are always setbacks for a reason. “What am I to learn here? Everything is working out to the good.”

4. Persistence pays off.  Develop a “stickittoattiveness” focus. What you are working for counts! it builds strength, ”I consistently focus on my goals.”

5. Visualize your future. See it, feel it, hear it, Draw it, and see it again. “I joyfully see my future and am excited.” Image it.

6. Be ready to see and take the next step (risk). Low or high risks! I know what to do and I do it!”

7. Overcome self-defeated fears. You are your biggest limitation so lift the bar. Dare to risk more. “I am ready for this risk and ready for success.”

8. Reconciliation brings success. Make peace with yourself and others. Forgive forget past mistakes, we are imperfectly imperfect. Overcome past injustices we all have experienced them, the world is full of everything. “I forgive myself and others for hurting me and I am so worth treating myself well.”

9. Neutralize injustices. Reframe them for today, look at the learning. “For everything there is a season.”

10. Feel successful. Remind yourself of what you have accomplished, act and look successful, it becomes you. Acting ‘as if’ is like osmosis it warms you and trains you to reach forward. Tell yourself the good that lies within you and surrounds you and you will see it and feel it and know it and your energy will radiate outward.

Janyse Hrynkow, MA CCC ahhasolutions.ca
Janyse Hrynkow, MA • single mother of two sons works her dream job and enjoys her 30 years of teaching, training, team building, seminars, workshops, and motivational speaking. Her study of energy psychology and psycho immunology has added to her repertoire and her uplifting and motivating style helps clients gain self-acceptance and the tools to make healthy, effective changes in their lives.
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