36 Husbands: A Zany Spy Thriller Comedy

I recommend 36 Husbands if a Bruce Lee classic with your beau is not the evening of your dreams. Giving three women the leading roles with kickass kung fu moves seems fitting in these times.

36 Husbands has a psychedelic 60s vibe as a squadron of female spies save the world. The women love their way through a cadre of husbands in an effort to collect golden keys. The men become collateral damage though a couple end up being more clingy than others.

From 36 Husbands Actress Christa Pasch with her mystic vision self

The spies orders come by code via the crazy Bright Blue Gorilla TV show. Unsuspecting performers are manipulated on cue with the evil world elements trying to gain control and cause chaos.

36 Husbands is sure to be a cult classic. This low budget film surprisingly travels the world, from the streets of Paris to the outbacks of Australia. The directors take storytelling to the basics, keeping us entertained with surprising locales, twists, turns and wild characters.

What I appreciated about the movie was the depiction of the heroines as normal looking women instead of the usual perfect bombshells.

You do not need to subscribe to the big streaming platforms as the movie is available anytime here. Direct buying is also the best way to support smaller productions as the revenue goes directly into the pockets of the producer artists. The streaming platforms, though giving the indie filmmakers broader distribution, also take big cuts.

36 Husbands Trailer

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This is the seventh movie from this dynamic musical duo Robyn Rosenkrantz and Michael Glover (aka Bright Blue Gorilla). Their journey began in 1990 when they sold everything they had and bought a one way ticket to Europe. Since then they have travelled the world making movies and music.

Catch our interview where they share their unorthodox approach to life.

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