5 Reasons To Connect To Your Higher Self

If you’re reading this you’re probably either curious about what a relationship with your Higher Self looks like or you want to deepen the one you already have. Let’s start with what this even means. What is a Higher Self and how do we find it?

Our Higher Self is our most authentic truest self. Our Soul. It is the part of us that’s been around since long before we were born and will remain long after we’ve passed. You know how you age on the outside but still feel like the same person on the inside? This is because one month, one year, one decade, one lifetime is just a drop in an ocean for our Higher Self.

You can think of it like this… Our outsides, who and how we present to the world is our newest, ever changing “ego self.” The part of us that is driven by fear, guilt, shame, success, failure, looks, how many likes and followers we have, etc. We like to think of this as our “baby self,” we don’t want to stifle the ego or pretend it doesn’t exist but rather to teach it and help it evolve like we would a child. Our ego is the lens from which we navigate our journey and our Higher Self is the guide. We all know how challenging life can be. How difficult, painful, messy, scary and confusing it is in between those softer moments.

Kari Toft

Well, imagine if we had a road map to navigate the ups and downs; a way to know if we were on the right path. This brings us to the benefits of developing a relationship with this part of ourselves. There are many but for now let’s look at five.

A Deeper Connection to Self

When we begin to connect to our innermost Self, our intuition becomes louder and we start making better, healthier choices. No one knows what’s best for you better than you!

2. A Broader Perspective on Life

Developing a conscious connection with our Higher Self enables us to begin to see things differently. Instead of making decisions from a place of fear or insecurity, we make them from a place of love and trust. That’s when the miracles begin to happen.

3. Developing Compassion

We develop a greater, more compassionate understanding of others. As we drop into a deeper understanding of ourselves, we develop a deeper understanding of others.

4. Learning to Self-Love

As we deepen this conscious relationship with our Higher Self, we begin to really understand, know and feel, the concept of self-love. We have a built in, endless supply of unconditional love and understanding. Once we tap into it we become less judgmental and hard on ourselves. Our ego is our worst critic and our Higher Self is our biggest fan.

5. Trusting Ourself

Finally, life becomes easier to navigate as we continue to access our own innate wisdom. We become less overwhelmed and more grounded. We learn to trust in the process and truly be ourselves.

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Kari Toft
Kari Toft

Kari has been a craniosacral therapist for over 10 years. She's a lover of health and transformation and incorporates both manual and energetic modalities into her work. Kari has worked all over the world but now lives in Vancouver with her two kids and mini dachshund.

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