A New Era of Productivity

Are you ready to drop being busy for real productivity and make 2021 your best year yet?  

Do you pride yourself on your multitasking skills?  Many women actually think this is a badge of honor to do many things at once.  I know I did!  

Productivity At Forty Five
We all need some morning magic!

Think for a moment about your average day.  Are you busy or are you productive?  Are you filling your day with things to do with no direction or reason?  

The brain is actually not capable of doing multiple tasks at a time.  Productivity research now tells us that we are up to 80% less productive when you do multiple things at once.  In reality, there are no such things as multitasking.  When you are moving from task to task it can take your brain up to 25 minutes to get focused on that new activity.  This leads to some serious lost time.  

So think of this scenario…..you are typing out an article such as this one, the creativity is flowing, you are on!  Then, up pops your email indicator advising of an email from a potential client.  Of course, you want to just have a look to see what they are saying.  You realize that they have a few questions, so you respond.  Right before you press send you get a text message from a friend that wants to know if you can have dinner on the weekend…..of course, you respond and say yes.   Then you go back to the article and have to re-engage your brain and somehow get the creativity to kick back in….this takes up to 25 minutes!!!  And, you still have not sent the email.  What happens is that none of it gets done well. 

Get more insight on productivity in our interview with Maria Conde.

5 Steps To A Better Way

  1.  A productive day begins right when you open your eyes!  Within 17 seconds of waking, set your intentions for the day.  Visualize how your day is going to unfold.  This is about seeing the positive outcome of the meetings you need to attend and the tasks you have to do.  
  1. When you look at setting your intentions for the new year, I invite you to get really clear on what you want to happen next year.  Then, build your activities around those visions.  
  1. Learn to say NO to all the things that are not in alignment with your purpose and vision.  Staying focused will get you to your goal considerably faster.  
  1. Schedule blocks of time so help you stay task-focused throughout your days and weeks. (blocks for Email, self-care, clients, meetings).  If you are like most, you want time freedom to do what matters most to you in your life.
  1. Turn off all notifications on phones, iPads, computers, and anything else that beeps, buzzes and somehow interrupts your flow.  This includes the 17 tabs you may have open on your computer and all the piles of paper on your desk.  

These are just a few of the many things you can do to let go of busy, increase productivity, and reap the rewards of time and money freedom!  

Learn More About Maria Conde’s LEAP to Freedom

Maria Conde
Maria Conde

Maria Conde is a Life and business strategist that guides successful women that are feeling unfulfilled and burnt out to take the leap to build a life and business rooted in deep purpose and impact without compromising their health and wellbeing. Having a cancer diagnosis at 49 years old was the catalyst for her to take the leap out of a lucrative long term corporate leadership career for a life of impact and wellbeing. She is a best selling author and host of the Leap to Freedom Show Podcast.

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