Taking A Journey Through Abstract Art: Golfo Tsakumis

Abstract art covers many of the walls in my home. What draws me to abstract art is I see something different every time I look. It begs the question do abstract artists paint what they see or is it a figment of their imagination?


I had the opportunity to ask this question of Golfo Tsakumis, a Vancouver artist, born in Greece. She takes an experimental approach to abstract using acrylics and ink on different surfaces. She shares where she paints, what she uses for inspiration, how she came to be an artist, and her approach to making her art in this video interview.


Abstract Art Is Personal

Golfo uses the nature found in Vancouver, her native Greece, and from her travels as inspiration. She started her career painting landscapes however came to feel she could not compete with the perfection of mother nature. Her paintings start with color, then shapes evolve, and with each additional stroke and the layer of paint the things she wants to share take shape.

“I want the viewer to imagine seeing themselves walking about. I am trying to bring people to where I am, to what I feel and what I see.”

Golfo Tsakumis

Abstract allows her to share her own vision but more importantly allows viewers to bring their imagination to the experience. Abstract asks the viewer to think by themselves. They can decide what they are seeing and feeling. They can see places they want to be, things they want to do which is why each viewing experience changes.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

“Every woman has a story”, says the artist, “But through our life we forget, sometimes intentionally, certain experiences, only to wake up one day feeling stuck and unhappy despite everything we have achieved. Women often give up our power as creators. My message, to women in particular, is that we tend to store a lot of unprocessed emotions. It’s never too late to open the door of our own soul, start exploring, sweeping out, letting go and setting free our spirits of all burdens and fears. Creativity is the ultimate way for it.”

Golfo Tsakumis

Golfo donated a painting in honor of International Women’s Day March 8, 2021, in conjunction with AT FORTY FIVE Magazine and Fabulous YouNiversity. The lucky winner was Holly from Wainright, Alberta.

Learn More

You can view her collection here.

Find more art on her website GolfoArt.com

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“Original Art goes from generation to generation … forever and ever”

Golfo Tsakumis

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