Add Motion: Integrate Your Shadow and Dance With It

My wish for you today is you gain the freedom of mind through motion. I encourage you to follow along with this short piece. Take a moment to focus, add motion and reconnect with your body and soul.  This is a perfect start to any day.

My  instructions to you if you were in a Movement For Life class would be:

  • Explore your personas and find the gentleness within you
  • Play and be aware of your mind’s dialog
  • Breath and listen to the whispering of your body
  • Integrate your shadow and dance with it
  • Be here and NOW!

Dance like nobody is watching and live like it is heaven on earth!

Video by: Christine Gruber

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Gisela Rocha
I am an international choreographer, teacher, juror of competition, and my most prized role, a mother. Originally from Brazil, I live in Switzerland. I have created more then 25 ballets, and direct dancers, actors, performers and singers. My work takes me to locales around the world like Holland, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Brazil, Germany & Egypt. My passion is sharing the joy of movement.