An Affirmation To Get Into Your Heart

To get into your heart requires you to address your ego. In my work I find the best way to expose your ego thinking is to ask:

Does this thought separate me from the world?

Affirmations AT FORTY FIVE
Learn how your heart and mind can cooperate, so you can make a decision with heart & mind.

If you have to say honestly “Yes!” you can say that it is a thought delivered by the ego.

I was taught you have the subconscious (heart) the conscious (mind) and the super-conscious (higher self). When all of these parts work harmoniously together you will find the best decisions possible.

In light of this, you can work with this affirmation.

Affirmation Of The Week

My heart, mind and higher self work as a dream team together.

They find always the best decisions and solutions I need in the given moment.

I am open to the advices and hints from the universe.

As well, I use an exercise that can help you to be in the given moment.

Breathing in and out through the nostrils – saying to your thoughts silently or aloud: Stop and drop down to the/my heart. Repeat as many times as you need.

No decision can also be a decision.

Do not rush into finding the right solution. Some people talk about heart decisions, but these decisions are sometimes only the quickest that came up.

For me, the head (male) and the heart (female) are partners who complete each other perfectly.

The most effective way to work with our psyche is to see our body, mind, and soul as a whole.

All have equal rights to be heard while making an important decision.

I do not say it is easy, but it is a way that leads to good and meaningful results.

Kinesiology can also bring astonishing outcomes. Asking your body about “yes” and “no” is a great tool to make up your thoughts on a subject. You need an expert in this field who you can trust 100%.

Affirmations can support you in following your intuition.

I think of it as the summarized “truth” when you learn how your heart and mind can cooperate, so you can make a decision with heart & mind.

Follow your bliss with love (heart) and determination (head) this week.

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Anita Reisinger
Anita Reisinger

Anita Reisinger is an Intuitive Guide and Happiness Coach. She holds a Professional Certifitcate in the Science of Happiness at UC Berkeley; is a Practitioner of Hawaiian Huna; The Ancient Science of Success and Happiness. "Where Energy Blocks are Dissolved and Confidence Flows - I will find the exact subconscious blockages holding you back and resolve them energetically."

  1. I always apply a reasonable test, not in the legal sense but do others think it’s reasonable just to check my ego and biases.

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