Affirmations: Busting Business Belief Barriers

Yes, affirmations do work. We can use positive sentences that shift our thinking in any area of life.

Affirmations At Forty Five
Art by Golfo Tsakumis

In my life as a “spiritual student” I have learned:

  1. We create from the inside out.
  2. The world is what you think it is.

Women need an extra boost in confidence and trust.

Today I want to concentrate on affirmations for your business and career. Sometimes we wonder why we are not as successful as we want to be. When working with my clients in the fields of love, money, and health I often find the belief “I am not good enough.” a blockage to success.

An affirmation is a positive, simple, and short phrase that is the opposite of those “heavy negative” thoughts we sometimes embrace as our truth about others and ourselves.

Here is an affirmation to try whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee.

Affirmation Of The Week

I am ALWAYS more than enough and absolutely worthy. My work is paid accordingly for the highest good of ALL.

Success is when you accomplish an aim or a purpose.

Sometimes there is a blockage to actually being in the right business or field. If you find yourself facing that unease, I suggest taking some time to do an inventory of your talents and gifts. Then next, you might do a session with a professional coach to align your business and career goals. In that case, this might be your starting affirmation:

“I am open to all insights that help me to build a thriving success model for the talents and gifts I am given.”

When you realize that you have spent ages or even decades in a very frustrating surrounding you need a lot of energy and courage to start all over again.

If you want to establish your own business be receptive to stay as a part-time employee for the first while.

Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen, a German comedian, said once: Find an activity that you love to do daily without receiving money for it. This is THE thing you will be successful and happy with.

Are you starting to understand the magic of implementing affirmations day by day? Remember to do your daily affirmations – at least once in the morning and once in the evening. They can support you in finding the business/career of your dreams. Go get it!

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Anita Reisinger
Anita Reisinger

Anita Reisinger is an Intuitive Guide and Happiness Coach. She holds a Professional Certifitcate in the Science of Happiness at UC Berkeley; is a Practitioner of Hawaiian Huna; The Ancient Science of Success and Happiness. "Where Energy Blocks are Dissolved and Confidence Flows - I will find the exact subconscious blockages holding you back and resolve them energetically."

  1. Anita, I find that your affirmations feel like an arrow that has reached its target. They are truly healing. Thank you for
    Sharing your gift 💝

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