Affirmations To Relax And Enjoy Activities

First of all, we need to be open to holding space for things to do we enjoy.

Often our daily lives can leave us feeling so stressed and overwhelmed that we cannot relax. We make the mistake of putting too many things on our“to-do list” so that we bypass hobbies and playtime that we enjoy or could enjoy if we had the time.

This week I am introducing an affirmation that will open our body, mind, and soul to the freedom, exhilaration, and relaxation that doing something you enjoy brings.

Affirmation Of The Week

I choose to live my life always in a relaxed and enjoyable manner.

Enjoy Life At Forty Five
Art by Golfo Tsakumis

This week, before you start with this affirmation take some time to compile a list of ten things you enjoy or did enjoy or would like to see if you enjoy. Things that make you feel enthusiastic, excited, and happy.
Now choose three of those activities. Next, find time in your schedule for some relaxation and pencil in those activities. At least once a week do something for an hour that you enjoy and puts you in a state of feeling great.

Don’t shortchange yourself. It shouldn’t be things you should do because they are a must for a happy life. Do activities you love to do, even if you are not an expert. Remember what you loved to play and do as a child? Remember how much you enjoyed blowing bubbles or bowling? You might not have done those things for ages. Start to sing, dance, paint or do handcrafts. You will be astonished how it will revive hobbies and activities that you enjoy.

Now you can create your own positive phrases around recreation.

I love my power and creativity to be able to feel happy.

There are no limits to my power and creativity.

I can do beautiful things in my spare time that bring love to the world.

When you practice daily affirmations for a while you will feel clearer about your favorite hobbies and you will also feel stronger with doing them. Remember to do your affirmations morning and night.

Positive sentences can support you in all areas of life.

Therefore they can help you of course also in your work-life-balance attitude.

Have fun with your own affirmations!

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Anita Reisinger
Anita Reisinger

Anita Reisinger is an Intuitive Guide and Happiness Coach. She holds a Professional Certifitcate in the Science of Happiness at UC Berkeley; is a Practitioner of Hawaiian Huna; The Ancient Science of Success and Happiness. "Where Energy Blocks are Dissolved and Confidence Flows - I will find the exact subconscious blockages holding you back and resolve them energetically."

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