How Do You “Do” Seventy-five?

Yes, I have heard the same-old, same-old platitudes

Seventy-five At Forty FiveYou’re only as old as you feel

Seventy-five is the new forty-five

You’re lucky to reach this stage in your life

I even say that one to myself and others

To make it ok?

Do I believe it?

On some level I do

On many levels, I don’t



I don’ t WANT to be seventy-five

I don’t know HOW to be seventy-five

Yet I don’t not want to if not being seventy-five means the alternative.

Not a good alternative.



Not a good alternative because I want to stay here for Joe

I want to stay here for my kids

I want to stay here to continue watching the grandkids as they grow into adults


Don’t I want to stay here for me?


I have to/want to feel needed/necessary

Not swept aside or tolerated by younger people who need to call me sweetie or honey or dear or sweetheart.

I don’t want to be demeaned.

I want others to know I am worthwhile and worthy of their respect


That won’t happen if I don’t recognize that I am worthy of MY respect

And don’t demean myself


Seventy-five At Forty FiveI cannot do all that I used to do.

Yet I want to keep doing

I want to remain essential at seventy-five and beyond

But the numbers terrify me.


75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80

Yet, as I write them down I see that hitting 80 will take five years.

There is much I can accomplish in five years


Rather than focusing on seventy-five

How about I focus on eighty

And what I want to be doing and have accomplished by then


At eighty Alix will be 2 years out of college

Em will be a senior

Josh will be a freshman

Ben will be a high school junior

Harrison will be in 8th grade


They will have achieved so much, and I want to witness that

And I want them to have me in their lives, being there for them and celebrating and cheering and supporting and coaching


Of course, I want my children to have me in their lives to celebrate their continued successes.  And, if it should happen, supporting the tough times, as well.


At Forty Five Seventy-fiveBut what about me?

What will I be doing?

Another book? Most likely not.

But I suspect I will continue writing.

Speaking engagements? Maybe on the joys of being an old(er) woman


Bringing Murray to visit hospital patients.

Yes, I want to do that.

And I want to record One Pedal

Maybe get back into acting on some level?


I need to continue exercising, playing my guitar, singing, dancing to the music in my head and around me, loving nature.

That is the only way to achieve/enjoy/accept/understand the coming years.

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