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At Forty Five attended TEDxGastownWomen 2016 Saturday October 29 in Vancouver. * The event celebrates women and encourages women and girls to be a catalyst for change. The theme for 2016 was Power. The speakers shared perspectives to empower all to affect change on themselves and the world outside the door. Raising emotions from tears to laughter, truly it was an #atfortyfivedisruptlife event. Here are some key “ah ha” thoughts captured through twitter.


At Forty five Soul Marrow

Elizabeth Lesser brought us to tears as she shared the story of being a bone marrow donor for her sister. Their relationship was one of turmoil, untruths and hurt. Touching on their pathway to overcoming danger and rejection, the ultimate death of her sister was not the storytale ending one hoped.  Everyone should assess their relationships and apply a soul marrow transplant to the keepers.

To learn more about Elizabeth and her story go here.
At Forty Five Time is Priority

Linda Siversten

Linda Siversten shared her story of working late into the night, a workaholic trying to silence the sound of her emotional distress. Deep into her hurts, she was immune to her son’s hurt too.  Busting the lost time waster in relationship drama,  she developed the Boyfriend Log. Assess your relationships,  are they time busters or joy killers?

To learn more about Linda click here.   To get her app The Boyfriend Log look here.


At Forty Five Menopause

Shirley Weir, @menopausechick, is on a mission to change how we feel and think about shirley-weirmenopause.  Over 60 percent of women she polled felt they had no one to talk to about menopause including the medical profession. The myths and misconceptions are the

opposite of the reality.  Women need to reframe menopause.   It is the icing on the cake of life and in the restaurant of living we should be saying, “I will have what she’s having!”

To read more about Shirley click here.


At Forty Five Lactation

Katie Hinde, PhD at the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard katie-hindUniversity. pursues breast milk data.  This is science ladies. Breast milk is different for boys than girls.  Stunning fact! Her issue is we know more about tomatoes than about breast milk.  Her mission is to transform that so, however a mother chooses to feed her baby, breast or formula, babies are getting all the right things.  At the same time she champions more support for mothers and their needs as they sustain mankind. This woman lives and breathes the things of motherhood and we are so thankful.

To read more about Katie, click here.

Next year At Forty Five is taking a “posse of change” to this event. Are you in?

*What Is TedX?

TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

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