You Can Do Anything: Sherial Dobesh

You Can Do Anything Sherial DobeshImagine you could do anything. I came across a clip of a striking silver haired woman in front of a Las Vegas backdrop and I thought how glamorous! Who is she and what is she doing in Vegas?

I learned what I had to do, I learned how to do it and then I just went and did it.

Enter Serial Dobesh, a woman who lives by this credo.

Sherial is 67 and shared with me she just had the biggest year of her life, proving that it can happen at any point in a woman’s life, no matter your age or whatever barrier you face. Imagine if you could say the same!

Her Story

Spending a good portion of her life in small town BC she had it all; the husband, house and a successful career managing million dollar government contracts. While she thought she was living her best years something was missing. After some self-exploration, she moved to Vancouver and terminated her marriage of 23 years.

The tragedy of 9/11 spoke to her and understanding the fragility of life and needing to live it fully a relocation to the US, where she was born, was decided.

sherial-dobesh-in-vegasVegas Here I Am!

Las Vegas  was a great fit, but she didn’t have her million dollar contracts so Sherial had to re-create a living.

Like many cities Vegas is all about who you know. The flow of business moving through Vegas is huge. Working run of the mill jobs, she went to a networking event and thought I can do this and I can do it better. Using her previous experience and skills, she created a new business, hosting networking events which took off with more than 300 people attending her events. Helping people connect and making new contacts she again thought she was living her best life.

Overnight the bottom fell out of the US housing market taking with it her thriving business. Sherial lost everything. It was a devastating blow and it would have been easy to just give up.  “You can’t go there, you can’t keep that thought.  There is no value in giving up. You have no choice but to get up and move.”  Back to the drawing board she went to work for a friend doing a mish-mash of jobs.


You Can Do Anything

Next, Sherial found herself interviewing 14 top earners at am MLM event for internet radio.  Normal, everyday looking people she learned the lowest earner was pulling in 2 million dollars a year.  Dejavu, she thought if they can do it, then imagine what I can do.

“I can relate to Oprah’s story. I admire how she just decided to do it.  She has accomplished so much, and really demonstrated anyone can do anything.”

Is has not been easy; it took her awhile to find the right product mix and company. In between she has continued to explore many other opportunities both business and personal.

One of those personal endeavors was taking a workshop on The Law of Attraction with Victoria based leader, Rebecca Hanson. It has become a cornerstone of Sherials approach to living and her success. Learn more about that here.

Helping 100 Women Make $100,000

Did you know that 45% of Canadians, 55 to 64, do not have a company pension and of those 80% have not saved enough for retirement?

If you apply that figure to women, just under 1 million Canadian women 55 to 64 are living below the poverty line.  For Americans, the number is even more dismal.

Sherial’s is helping others achieve what they want. She can relate to women who are looking for new opportunities and want to change their life. She has been through it and knows exactly what you are facing.  Sherial knows you can do anything if you let go of limiting beliefs. What you need is within you and you need to live it.

This year she set a goal to help 100 women make $100,000.  I am impressed with her offerings.  Much of it is available at no cost. She has set up a fascinating web and social media presence with informative recordings including:

  • The Importance of Setting Small Goals
  • Simple Steps to Increasing Your Income

If you are thinking of making a change to your life or adding to it, check out her site.

Sherial Dobesh Anything At Forty Five
Sherial Dobesh with Her Grandchildren

What She Knows Now

“The best advice I ever received was on how to talk. Years ago, when I started in Terrace, I had so much fear. I had these million dollar contracts, but I was afraid to talk. I worked with a young man 28 years old. He gave me amazing insight and helped me move through the fear.  He would have me listen in on phone calls he was having, modeling good conversation. Then he would listen to me.  Practicing helped make it second nature. That skill has been invaluable and a cornerstone of my business toolkit.“

Two tips for success Sherial shares are:

  • Be tenacious with followup: Don’t give up on people. Keep returning to those that need you.
  • Listen, don’t sell: People are most comfortable and receptive when they do not fear being sold. You can’t be selling someone on your opinion or a product if you are listening, however you will learn their needs.

Learn More

Get to know Sherial Dobesh

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Listen to the Daily Training Calls

Explore the opportunity with The Valentus Business


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