Are You A Human BEING Or A Human DOING?

I am trying to be more of a human BEING, rather than a human doing.

Sorry, dear friends, family, and peers. I probably need to apologize first. Please forgive me. I’m the worst person ever!

It seems as if the demands of navigating the pandemic, constantly tweaking my business model, and responding to new challenges and opportunities have meant that I haven’t been fully present in the way I’d like to be, especially to those who really matter to me. And isn’t it always the way?

Here’s my plan going forward: I’m going to try to be more of a human BEING, rather than a human DOING. You probably know what I mean by that. All the tragedy and trauma caused by COVID, has also opened some possibilities and shone a light on issues that we have all been ignoring or sweeping under the rug. For me, the limitless opportunities presented by these times are irresistible. I am easily distracted and very much an instant gratification junkie.

Wait! What’s that bright light? Let’s ride bikes! An online magazine? Sure! Why not?

More, More, More

There is a constant urge to learn more, discover more, do more. That is all well and good and likely keep the muscle in my skull limber but it comes with a steep and unexpected price.

Maybe you have been paying it as well, and didn’t really notice? Do you let your attention stray during a conversation with your partner, child, or friend, and sneak a peek at your phone? Do you read and answer emails during a Zoom call, personal or even work-related? Are you obsessed with taking on more projects even though the ones you have already cost you hours of lost sleep?

If so, you are likely a human DOING, not a human BEING. For those of you who practice yoga, you’ve probably been encouraged by your yogi to stop doing and just be. Great discipline for the rest of our hours.

For those of us with a long history of working from home, the blurry line between being “at work” and “at home” has always been a struggle. At one time I would change my clothes to signify leaving work and turning back into mom. What kind of cues and practices will help you hold focus?

There have been many posts recently, extolling the virtues of taking time outs, giving us a chance to regroup and refresh. I’m now thinking of these breaks as a hard reboot of my systems which run fine most of the time but whose performances suffer when too many mental windows are open at once.

Feel free to use my apology for your own letter to those you’ve been neglecting!

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Joanna Piros
Joanna Piros

Joanna is a mother of five, grandmother of 5 (and counting), a communications coach, avid cook and often runs out of olive juice before running out of olives for dirty martinis.

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