Aura Of Woman Imagery #23: Athena

Athena is 23 in our series as we celebrate women who embrace their unique Aura of Woman and share it with the world.

“As a forty-three-year-old mother of five, I chose to explore my individual identity as a Divine Goddess through the use of photography.

Aura of Woman 23 At Forty Five
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Over the past 24 years of parenting, I have struggled with knowing who I am apart from “Mom”. This experience launched my personal journey of self-discovery into my own feminine nature and spurred an ever-increasing celebration of the miracle of the Goddess embodied within me.

Since the photoshoot, I have become more self-directed, advocating for my desires and exploring my unique sensuality. The location I chose was indicative of my connection to water. I was born through water and gave birth through water and I practice emulating the qualities of water in my daily life, flowing around and through challenges.

On the new moon each month, I hold Red Tent Goddess Gatherings in my home.I feel it is very important that women gather together to honor the Divine Feminine nature inside of them and support one another through their own individual journey of self-discovery. My desire is to help facilitate self-exploration, connection to our hearts, cultivation of our desires, and love for all beings.”

Thank you for sharing, Athena. Athena Greer is the Facilitator of Red Tent Sisterhood of Eugene, Oregon

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Sherry Kallergis
Sherry Kallergis

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