Aura Of Woman Imagery #30: Brandy Jean

We are celebrating Brandy Jean, number thirty in our Aura of Woman Imagery Series.

Woman At Forty Five
Image by April Rose More Images

Brandy Jean has experienced dying. Luckily, she was already in the hospital and they were able to resuscitate her.

She asked me to write about the importance of love. Several people I know have been to the other side and returned to tell the tale. Love is a common theme. Not just romantic love but the love of life in general, complete with the roller coaster ride of ups and downs; of rest in comfort as well as the process of daily tasks; the successes and the challenges; the love of family and friends as well as strangers; cat videos.

Woman At Forty Five
Image by April Rose More Images

We cannot appreciate the soft things without the hard ones, like the sweet air after the rain and the warmth of sunshine after long days of winter. Embrace life. All of it.

Welcome back, Brandy Jean. Hug those adorable little grand-babies for me too.

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