Aura of Woman – Imagery Twenty-one

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“I loved expressing myself through dance my whole life. Movement was my joy! I have always been a bit curvy and larger than the average girl. When I was young, I didn’t fit up to all the svelte little ballerinas yet I continued to dance despite some ridicule in classes.

The teacher would shout out in class, “Tanya, leap like a fairy light on your feet, not like an elephant!”

I went to the South Pacific with my family when I was 9 years old. There were these beautiful larger island women dancing with voluptuous hips while their graceful hands told stories with their movements. I knew that I had found my dance; I felt like it was made for my body. That was the beginning of a love of my body, yet there was always a bit of the critic inside of me, still. I just knew when I danced, I felt free!

Later, when I was 15 years old, I began to study the Middle Eastern dance (belly dance). This became my whole world and I continued to dance and teach all over the world, connecting women with the Divine Feminine within them. For me, this dance was an ancient birth ritual and I waited in expectation to get pregnant myself.

When I taught, I would tell stories of how the belly movements and breathing techniques would help women in labor. Many women in my classes would get pregnant and I would rejoice in their celebration. I continued to wait for my own child, imagining belly dancing my baby into the world. Well, time went by and fertility struggles appeared. I experienced two almost fatal deaths which brought me to my knees, knowing that I could never have a child out of my own body. This was my greatest desire and I felt as if my body had betrayed me.

I had to put my dance aside to take care of my health that had been damaged due to these experiences. During this time, I had to let go of my life’s plan in order to allow “Spirit” to step in and give me the Universal plan that was possibly greater than my own. It took me a while to get back to connecting to my body again, after feeling as if my body let me down.

Now, in my 50’s, I have been granted a baby boy and I am overjoyed! I now dance with him and he mimics me and loves to dance. I am beginning again, a love affair with my body realizing that my body is a temple and beautiful at any age, through any illness. It’s almost as if our bodies need more love when we are at our sickest places. Whenever I have danced in grief and in happiness, I have connected to my inner source of healing. My body through movement has transformed my deepest emotions and like a partner in life, has embraced me in my darkest of times. I know that when we begin to have a relationship with our body, we begin to fall in love with this holy sanctuary and it will meet us back with tender devoted friendship.”

Thank you, Titanya Dahlin.

Titanya and her sister Dondi lead week-long annual belly dancing retreats at “Feathered Pipe Ranch” in Montana and OMEGA Institute in New York. Along with their mother, Donna Eden, they offer education and certifications through Eden Energy Medicine Programs.

Aura of Woman Twenty-one At Forty Five
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