Aura of Woman Imagery #26: Treasa

We are celebrating Treasa this week. She is twenty-sixth in our series of women who embrace their unique Aura of Woman and share it with the world.

“After growing my natural silver hair out for 3 1/2 years, I am amazed and excited to watch the shades and hues transform on their own, over time. I cut off the last of my colored hair on my birthday in September. It felt like cutting off the past and freed me from that little expectation of conformity that was so suffocating. I feel free to be comfortable and authentic AF now! My calico silver hair is now down to my waist. It is still a variety of shades, each lovely and a reminder that nature’s palette can be amazing.”

Thank you for sharing, Treasa, and being my hero.

Imagery 26 Aura of Woman
Image by April Rose More Images


Image by April Rose More

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April Rose More Photography
April Rose More Photography

Based in Southern Oregon, I am a photographer willing to travel the world. I make people feel beautiful where ever I go. My favorite genre is sensual, romantic, wild women with a hint of fantasy. My work has been published in "AT FORTY FIVE Magazine", "Spectacular Wineries of Oregon", "Southern Oregon Magazine", "Oregon Wine Press", and on a variety of novel book covers and marketing materials. It is displayed on buses and permanently installed in Belle Fiore Estate and Vineyard's wine tasting room. I am also known as Whimsical Eye Photography for family portraiture and commercial work, Avril Rose Images for fine art nudes and sensual boudoir, as well as my former married name, April Metternich.

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