Aura of Woman: Splendid, Full Monty, Blissfully Kiss-full Lifestyle To Celebrate

Celebrating women who embrace their unique Aura of Woman and share it with the world. Today we share a blissfully kiss-full approach.

Alexandra Aura of Woman 31
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“Life is some kind of terrifying, windswept, lift and spiral of happenings. I’ve lived a splendid, fully Monty, blissfully kiss-full style and version of it for more decades than I dare share.

I’ve lived and lost. I’ve loved and lost. I’d do it all over again, as I live for the challenge, for change and betterment. I’m no longer afraid to be tossed about like the proverbial cork atop a restless sea. Find me there… kissing life, body free, fucking life, finally me.”

Chef Alexandra Delaris Hannah has a passion for details, presentation, and taste. She has catered hundreds of private parties, corporations, and A-list celebrities in Southern California and Oregon in the last 42 years. You can find her here.

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