Aura of Woman: My Motivation Is A Question, What Else Is Possible?

“My favorite motivation is a question, What Else Is Possible?

I am very curious and I love to explore whatever might be attracting my attention… wildly and boldly unafraid.

Aura of Woman At Forty Five
Image by April Rose More

I do this by being still and observing.  I listen to my own inner knowing and accept what shows up in my now without resisting. Allowing flow to come naturally, opening my mind to new perspectives and experiences, trusting my ability to change my mind and choose again allows me freedom.”

Thank you for sharing your unique Aura of Woman Angie and sharing it with the world.

Angie Parker is an authorized dealer of Natural Action structured water. You can learn more at Find her on Instagram and Facebook where she shares uplifting posts to inspire and enlighten.


Aura of Woman Twenty Four
Image by April Rose More

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bohemian(n.) A gypsy. A wanderer. A creative person, an artist, musician, or writer who lives a free spirited life and believes in truth, freedom and love. Owner at Avril Rose Images, and Your Goddess Art, April lives in Ashland, Oregon.