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“I was 44 when I first modeled for April. For the last two years, I was almost completely bedridden, in constant pain, and struggling to cope with symptoms of severe chronic fatigue. I was underweight from these health issues and medication side effects with some visible scars on my skin. I thought hmmm, should I do this? But after 2 decades of a fine art modeling career, I wanted to push into new, creatively challenging territory.

April seemed upbeat and positive and she is also deeply passionate about her work. It was like she (without quite knowing it) was pulling something out of me that I put into the images that day. These images convey something far beyond my experience of illness.

I don’t quite have words to express it other than to say, they show an individual who is not only NOT sick, they show a world where age and imperfections are not even the focus. Somehow the physical struggle and weakness vanished! This other… strong, intense, mysterious creature emerged! A new side of myself was revealed.

It was shocking in a way, to see these aspects reflected so creatively by this woman. It was a real revelation, and I cherish my experience of working with April.” ~ Lisa Byrne DressZeppelin

Thank you for sharing, Lisa. Your vivacious, authentic energy is powerful in this world.

I’m going to take the next ten minutes and have a good cry before I get back to work. I am blessed to have met you and had fabulous opportunities to work with you.

XO April

Aura of Woman 20 At Forty Five
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