Barnacles On The Beach: Reflections On Perspective

barnacles At Forty FiveLife lessons are often learned from the littlest things, like barnacles for instance. I’ve had the opportunity to do a bit of traveling this summer.  It’s the kind of traveling I love– comfort (hotels, not *shudder* camping), learning (museums and cultural events), new experiences (food and weather) and general easiness (taxis and transit). One of the things I notice after adventures such as these is how different my home looks when I return to it.

I had the chance to reflect on this some more the other day as I sat on a beautiful local beach waiting for a friend to join me.  Looking at the rocks and shells as they revealed themselves in the receding tide,  I picked up one stone.  I thought about how tiny the world was to the barnacles and snails that clung to its surface, a world so tiny I held it in the palm of my hand.

Distance is like that– sometimes the distance halfway across a room can seem greater than halfway across the world. I wanted to set the barnacle-world down somewhere else on the beach to give its inhabitants a different view, but I elected not to–sometimes familiar is best

Lisa Read
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