Be The Best You Fashion Tips

Jazzed Neutral Basics

Are you struggling with finding a fashion balance between your age, trends, and changing lifestyle demands? Create your own style, taking into consideration your body type, age and physical characteristics. Below are some tips to keep you elegant and comfortable, looking and feeling your best, no matter what style you love or where your schedule takes you.

  1. Invest in classic pieces – Structure and pieces that are made of quality fabrics in neutral tones serve as basics.
  2. Jazz up your look – Add key pieces and accessories with bold colors like red, blue or a trendy seasonal color.
  3. Choose blouses and dresses with sleeves – Re-consider low/cut and spaghetti straps choices to keep you free to focus on things at hand instead of keeping bits tucked in.
  4. Wear well-fitting jeans – They are great for informal occasions. You may consider having your seamstress custom hem or nip in the waist to maximize the fit.

    Casual Fashion
  5. Feel good about your high heels – Replace with a lower heel when uncomfortable. Keep a pair of flats in your bag.
  6. Set the tone with beige pantyhose – Modern microfibre yarns can be a great friend. Beige can be replaced with nude or black. Always take a half hour to moisturize your skin first. Your legs will sparkle.

    Practice Your Selfie Pose
    Practice Your Selfie Pose
  7. Style your hair – There are a variety of colors and lengths. Many women enjoy the simplicity of a shorter cut. Practice your dress-up style or keep your favorite blowout stylist on speed dial to ensure you can take advantage of last minute invites.
  8. Loose the matching belt, bag and shoes – Less is more.
  9. Practice your selfie pose – The younger women in your life will have this down pat. Ask them for tips or get together with your friends and enjoy some laughs while you discover your “best” angle.

Always be true to your style but explore daring choices. Fashion is meant to be fun.