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The Best Year Mastermind can change your business and your life. When your business is not earning the money you deserve it is easy to become stuck. We find it easier to start looking around for a quick fix. Like rebranding, getting a new website or frantically posting on social media or creating a new product. The squirrel syndrome is what I call it and I know it well. It is stressful and there is always a sinking feeling in your stomach when your business is struggling. COVID has exasperated the issue for many women.

I am here to tell you, there is a better way.  Take your business to the doctor, no different than going to the doctor for a broken leg. And the Best Year Mastermind is that doctor.

For some reason women find it hard to do. We are naturally
wired to want to control things or direct them. To do that effectively we think we have to learn how to do everything. And we fault ourselves when we can’t solve the problem. We own the failure instead of the solution.

Well, it is time to take a different approach. AT FORTY FIVE is happy to host a Best Year Mastermind with Gina Best. I have had the good fortune to be part of Gina’s Mastermind. She provides you with the tools to look deep and find the answers to why your business is not doing well. Then she keeps you focused on steps to change the outcome.

The class is limited to 12 and one lucky participant will have her fees refunded on the first day.  $100 per month for 10 months is a small price to pay for finding solutions that will put money back into your pocket. For becoming unstuck. For taking control of your destiny.

Decide to take a step and invest in your business. Get to the doctor and get the remedy started.  Take your business to the next level.

Spots are going fast. Register here

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Learn More About Gina Best

Gina knows business. She co-founded and still runs a multi-million dollar mortgage brokerage. She’s also a mother to two wild boys. An ex-wife. A crossfit devotee (She deadlifts 400lbs. Whoa.). And recently, a warrior. She fought breast cancer in 2017 and won. So she knows a thing or two about running a business, a household, and a life in a storm.

She also knows how to have it all. Literally. Money in the bank. A healthy net at the bottom of the spreadsheet. And, most importantly, a lit up life. (‘Cause a successful business means jack shit if you’re not living your true desires in every aspect of your life.)

That’s why she created the Best Year Mastermind program. It’s business coaching driven by a focus on the businessowner. The person and the life behind the biz. Because the business can’t thrive unless you thrive too.

Catch Our Interview With Gina Best “Fuck Fine”

Gina is a contributor to AT FORTY FIVE. Read her articles here

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Sherry Kallergis

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