Billie Sinclair’s Past Brings Knowledge To Others

others At Forty FiveWhen being a mom and helping your family and others have been the number one satisfaction in your life, you can be forgiven for wondering what do you do as the second act?

It is a common question for women as we age. Careers peak, families grow up and move out.  Overnight it seems life changes. A lot.

That is when you need to spend some time taking stock of your passions, identifying your strengths and building up your toolkit.

Billie Sinclair is a dynamo and a wonderful example of where you can go and what you can achieve when you decide to do the work. She is just coming off celebrating her best month with her new business and has been #1 a number of times in BC and Canada.

 Shake Off The Old

Billie lives her life, inspired by the best advice she ever received.  “The ticket to personal freedom and success is to shake off old, inherited family patterns. If you want a functional family, you have to grow your own.” It may be easier said than done but Billie’s most successful achievement “Being the kind of mother that I did not have, and having my children seek out and enjoy my company!” demonstrates her success.

Billie decided she needed a new direction after twenty-some years in the financial industry. On reflection, she realized she was open to new opportunities and motivated to help others. She decided to go back to school to become certified in counseling,

This path led to employment counseling including leading workshops specializing in women’s issues and facilitating single moms’ groups with the YWCA of Greater Vancouver. Billie promoted sound money management principles and facilitated money skill workshops.

knowledge At Forty FiveHer financial background coupled with her counseling expertise gives her an extraordinary toolkit of knowledge and skills. Now, in her business life, she helps single women (and men) and families improve their financial awareness, decision-making practices and access to quality legal knowledge. Billie can help others because she embodies compassion and understands how circumstances affect one’s life.

Bring In The New With Five Life Lessons 

Billie is happy to share what she has learned while working on her own life in the hopes that it might resonate with your journey and encourage you.

  • Focus On The Positive

 Billie recommends you always look for the positive angle. She uses her second marriage as an example. Thinking she had it right the second time, it was a big disappointment when it did not work. Yet, as she looks back, some of her biggest lessons were learned in that relationship, and she is so thankful for the person that she became, as a result of them. Any life experience has a positive which is just as easy to embrace.

  • Learn New Things

Billie is a champion for learning new things. As the administrator for multiple Facebook groups that encompass 40,000+ entrepreneurial women, Billie is constantly in learning mode.  She is a social media fan and enjoys helping others with their understanding of how to maximize their time on Facebook. She recently has been working with Instagram. Billie is thinking her next learning experience might be more a self-indulgent topic. She has always wanted to explore interior design and decorating. That is the nice thing about this stage, you can take a course about any subject that catches your fancy. (Check out Learning Anytime & Everywhere.)

  • Set A GoalOthers At Forty Five

Billie’s work ethic is impressive but her organizational skills and drive are extraordinary.  She attributes having a goal as a catalyst that inspires her to work hard.  Her dream is to take her entire family (12) on an all-expenses-paid cruise to somewhere warm. The sun warms her face even as the rain descends in Vancouver. Goals are a healthy and defining it clearly helps make it real.

  • Nurture Yourself

Billie believes it is crucial to carve some time out of your schedule to nurture and indulge. She would love to have more time to sew and play the piano.  She loves to read and counts one of her most prized possessions is the book Three Magic Words: The Key to Power, Peace, and Plenty.

  • Embrace Your Journey

Billie encourages you to embrace your individual journey. It is unique and you are perfectly where you are supposed to be.  Comparing yourself to others is unfair and negates the power of your own story.  That is something that many of us as women find so easy to do.  We hold up other’s success as an indication we are unsuccessful because we have not achieved that.  Instead, we should be embracing our success and celebrating each other’s achievements.

Billie encourages you to grab your ticket and find your own success. It doesn’t matter what circumstances you face or age that you are, there is plenty of living left to do.

Like Billie’s plan to lunch with Esther Hicks, the Law of Attraction guru.  What are you expecting to do?

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