You Can Be Bold Not Old: Wallis Pattisonn

“You can do it if it’s what you want to do.” That was the first of many challenges that Wallis
Pattisonn laid down in our hour chat.

Bold Not Old At Forty FiveWallis is on a mission to create a movement of a New Generation of Role Models. The message is timely as our generation is the first to anticipate spending more years in retirement than working.
That is a daunting thought and certainly a catalyst for rethinking aging. I wondered how Wallis
came to accept this challenge.

“I reached a point in my life where I had no idea what I was going to do. Many people end up facing that question. I had to rethink who I was. I was in the US and got to a point in my life where I looked at myself and all my roles; mother, grandmother, wife, student, friend, business person. It was like “Would the real Wallis please stand up.” I didn’t know who I was anymore. Struggling with aging, the thought of getting older scared me.

I know I am not alone in this, as so many of us reach a certain age and the realization that we are getting older sets in, it is a bit of a shock to tell you the truth. this a turning point for us all, because we can either own it at this point or push back against it. I was certain that pushing aginst it would only cause problems I did not want in my life, so the obvious was to embrace it, to own getting older and what that meant to me personally.

There is a key in this because what it means to us personally is the most important element, it is the thing that will see us fly into the future with wings on or struggle with acceptance and the mess that this creates for us.

Bold Not Old At Forty FiveBold not old says rethink this concept of age. Don’t accept all that you been told cause it’s a crock of BS. Bury that, instead spend some time thinking about what you want. What is your perfect life? What does your perfect life look like? Actually, put it down on paper. Discovery is part of the journey. When you go through the pain of getting there, crying over the goal, you will know that you will have stirred something. Pay attention, it will come and your deeper self will know what is right.

That is the point where you embrace being bold, not old. You then need the courage to initiate boldness. Boldness is important as it signifies momentum, the act of fully engaging in something. A life lived intentionally is a life well-lived. Think about that for a little while. You will then get up with purpose. That purpose will drive you to take an action; reach out to a friend, try something new, send an email, or launch a podcast. I get up asking what adventure and opportunity await me? Heck, I could learn to fly an
F16 aircraft…why not? I am setting my sights on lunch with Iris Apfel. Now that will be fabulous. I intend to have laughter and adventure in my life, every day.

Wallis shares that:

“People are amazing. You are so powerful and you can have it. Often we are not aware of how powerful we are. Get outside of yourself. What you have learned doesn’t matter. Just throw away the crap that you have been telling yourself.”

Wallis is creating a movement of people that don’t accept the perceived limits of aging. Instead, they are reinventing themselves. Her motto is: “If you don’t like the life you have, create a new one. Why hold onto something that doesn’t work, what if there is something better for you?

Believe there is. I’ve done that a number of times and I certainly did it when I moved to America.

I followed my heart and against all odds what came of that was simply amazing. I think back, my god how did I have the courage to do that. But I knew. Every one of us has the gnawing knowingness at a
heart level. You know you know but need the courage and boldness to follow what you know is the truth. Not always an easy thing to do but you just have to keep going and then things fall into place. Success is just around the corner, you may not know exactly where you are going, but follow what pops up unexpectedly, be prepared for some tweaking, just keep going as you have no idea what is around the next corner. I have proved this over and over again.

wallis-Pattisonn At Forty FiveSometimes you might feel quite lost. Yes I have been in that place often and it is a stretch that is for sure, but I know this; the hero’s journey is going out to capture the holy grail and bring it back. Then, you have to integrate it into your life.

I read the most provocative book recently “A Whole New Mind- Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The World, by Daniel H. Pink. It was an empowering manifesto for our future, outlining six human abilities that are fundamental for professional success and personal fulfillment.”

Wallis intends on sharing her message speaking to the masses anywhere. She is dynamic, sincere and with a no-nonsense approach I learned that she came from a number-crunching background, working in the foreign exchange business, credit ratings with legal training which certainly made sense. I was surprised to hear, though she always had a love for interior decorating, fashion, clothing, and shoes. And that is part of her Bold Not Old movement, to celebrate that part of her personality. She shared how that piece came about.

“Recently I had a reoccurrence of a knee injury and a debilitating gallbladder issue which turned serious and required an operation. It knocked me off my feet for four months. I was dealing with issues of health and wellness. During that time, I stopped and looked at everything and decided what I valued. It came together and I really hit the ground running at 72, reveling in my personality and drawing my loves into my look.

One needs to spend each moment of life saying the best is now Gratification is the word I use. My life is total gratification and I am doing what I really love. I am grateful for where I have been as it moved me here. Just as the words in my younger years “You will never amount to anything,
you’re not very bright” was a red flag to this bull, I am living my life as I always envisaged and in the process proving that statement o be untrue. It has fed my key strength of tenacity spurring
me on to never give up on my intentions.”

It was fascinating to learn that besides the practical side of Wallis, there is spiritual awareness. She created a set of oracle cards while in Los Angeles. She channeled the vision and then connected with an artist virtually. The pairing so aligned that only one card needed tweaking.

She counts Denise Linn and Gloria Karpinski among her influencers.

bold-not-old-soul-wisdom-oracle-cardsShe brought out the cards while we were talking and did a reading for me that brought me to tears. I realized Wallis Pattisonn is a woman of many gifts and was reminded that each of us is a complex being with a wealth of gifts we often do not tap into or appreciate.

That brought us full circle to the movement Bold Not Old and Wallis’ message.

“Find what you really love to do. Dare to dream that you can do it. I only see possibilities,
opportunities to live in joy and adventure. I encourage you to do the same. Spread the word, Agelessness is the new Trend.”

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