A Bright Blue Gorilla Unorthodox Lifestyle: Couchsurfing, Music & Movies

The Bright Blue Gorilla is the musical duo Robyn Rosenkrantz and Michel Glover. They recently released their seventh indie film 36 Husbands, a avant-garde spy thriller comedy that is surely to be a cult classic. You can read our review here.

Have you ever wanted to “stop the world and get off”? Well, they did exactly that. Their journey began in 1990 when they bought a one way ticket to Europe. They took up couch surfing before it was cool, adopting an unorthodox lifestyle that has taken them around the world making deep personal connections, music and movies.

PHOTO CREDIT: Niels Hougaard

They have often stepped off the grid, where they disconnected from the reach of the internet for 6 months at a time. They found peace in the midst of the noise and throngs of people in India. Imagine. For some of us it sounds like utopia. For others, not having the same cup for our morning java might be a mini-hell after two weeks.

Whatever we might feel about such a lifestyle all kinds of questions to mind.

Robyn and Michael dancing their way through life on the beach of Italy

What started out as a discussion about their newest movie and how movies get made ended up being so much more.

In this interview they share their approach to life. They have fun, look for the best in life and accept that life is not always roses. Intuitively they make connections and friends where ever they go and find their needs, whatever project is on the go, met. You will find inspiration and some pause for reflection.


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Sherry Kallergis
Sherry Kallergis

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