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An online magazine for women 45+ to share their life stories and experience.
Publication of three books that share a philosophy of Taoist acceptance coupled with defiance (defy negativity, harmful stereotypes, self-limiting behaviors).
The 90 Day Turnaround, 90 Days To Financial Stability
I guide women over 40 through a simple 5-step process to help them pay off debt and start living well again.
The Academy of Entrepreneurial Excellence
Virginia Phillips was raised in a large family in a small city outside of Milwaukee. After college, she excelled as a Human Resources professional for many years in the US and in Europe until a car accident in 2012 transformed her life.

She is now an award-winning coach who inspires and guides individuals to narrow their confidence gap, generate their business plans and create opportunities for success with easy-to-apply techniques.
Jo’s Ruby Ribbon
Boob Job & Tummy Tuck $79??
Gina Best
Are you tired of the same old? it's time to do something different!