Who Knew A Car Could Inspire Peace, Harmony & Joy

If you could have any car you want what would it be? I remember the conversation clearly and how that one question started it all.  I had asked my husband as we were driving on a sunny bright day in early spring.  Truly, I can’t remember his response but I do remember mine along with his surprise. I was amazed. One would think that after twenty one years of marriage and three kids the topic would have been covered. Obviously not as my answer intrigued him. The opportunity to explore something unknown piqued my husband’s interest and sparked excitement.

woman-carThen it was my turn to be surprised.  I arrived home from work and was just starting dinner. The words came tumbling out ”I found a black one.  It’s a real deal.  Let me show you…”.  Quickly it became apparent that although we were talking about the same car, there were two very different visions.

Mine? A baby blue 1964 model, down on its luck, with a white leather roof. Full of memories of bygone summers of sand, with hot sticky days and tantalizing cool nights, the breeze whipping long hair about on yet another road trip. His? A powerful, gleaming beauty, supercharged, roaring and ready to unleash 0 to 120 mph in ten seconds.  A muscle car that surely would fill any young man’s dreams, garnering untold opportunities for attention and masterfully shutting down any competition, friend or foe.

The car we went to see took our breath away!  Then after 21 years of giving me exactly, three presents my husband gifted me with this beautiful car for our anniversary. While it is my car truth be told it is our car, a combination of my dream and his dream.  Indicative of our marriage, neither one of us winning but learning to work two opinions, ideas, and ways of being into something akin to one.

And So A New Dream Begins

So we spent our twenty-second summer with moments of total enjoyment.  Our youngest son, who had made us drop him off two blocks from school all of a sudden wanted rides to and from anywhere.

My husband and the boys went for evening spins to Locarno beach rocking to ACDC tunes. We traveled to Ucluelet with the top down all the way, getting a whole new perspective of the dense tree canopy of Cathedral Grove. The crisp smell of snow emanating from the mountain peaks stunned our senses as we drifted through the highest overpass.

The sweet perfume of trees and flowers were intoxicating as we took the highway to Squamish, going so fast we missed three exits in a row.  It was the best summer of my married life in many ways.  And it re-awakened something in me. I felt a shift of renewal and a reintroduction to myself hidden away behind motherhood, daughterhood, and wifehood.

Finding Inspiration In A Unique Place

As often with dreams, one is inspired to live up to a higher standard. I never get in the car

Sophia Loren Image from Eskipaper.com
Sophia Loren Image from Eskipaper.com

without sunglasses and lipstick.  A dumpy middle-aged woman in sweatpants and running shoes stepping out would be an affront.  Only a well-coiffed, elegantly dressed woman of confidence would own such a possession and I put myself in a Sophia Loren frame of mind every time.

And no matter what problems I face at home or at work, I am transported to a different place in time the minute I close the door.  There is no room for bad times, fractious discussions, or emotional upheaval when driving that car.  There is only peace and harmony and the world is held in abeyance until you open the door to deal with reality. Upping the stereo volume overtakes any ability to talk or think, you can only feel the beat. Smelling the flowers and greens in the breeze keeps the sensory experience the whole focus.

This car has the ability, after being in production for 52 years to incite a personalized experience.  Each day I see someone else’s dream come alive on the club’s Facebook feed.  The excitement and passion the car incites is a recurring theme.

Today, I get a thrill every time I slide into my Ford Mustang GT California Special. The seat cocoons me.  I hear the engine growl to life, smell the leather, watch the roof slide into the trunk and feel the morning sun kiss my face as the stereo comes alive with the smooth sounds of Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On.

And in that glorious moment, I am living my dream and it feels damn good. C’mon life, let’s get it on!


Did you know that it was a woman who purchased the very first Mustang convertible off the lot in April 1963?  Read her story here.


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What is your dream car?

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