Author Call: Women 70+ Wanting To Share Their Story To Inspire Others

Call for Author Applications for collaborative book “Seventy Is The New 50.” Deadline is August 19, 2019.

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Susan Wallace (76) Belly Dancer Extraordinaire & Owner of The Painted Lady Lavender Farm
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You are cast in the role of a lifetime. You are the star of your very own amazing movie. Being a best-selling author is next.

Seventy Is The New 50 (working title), a collaborative book, is a joint project between At Forty Five and Julie Ann, founder of Influence Publishing.

Ten (10) to fifteen(15) women, each writing one chapter, will be supported by a seasoned publishing team with over 20 collaborative best-selling books under their belt.

No, you do not need previous writing skills. The publisher will help you draw out your story and give it shape. The editor will hone it into a literary masterpiece, the artist will create a cover to draw the stories together, and the printer will put the words to paper. Finally, the marketing team will launch its’ well-oiled publicity campaign and voila, you will be on your way as an author!

Sharing the costs makes this an affordable undertaking.

We are proud you are in our circle. It is so exciting to share this opportunity to give your story wings.

The end result is a tangible legacy, your very own gift.

What You Need To Know

  • Open to women around the world
  • You are 70+ and subscribe to At Forty Five.
  • Author Applications Deadline:  August 19 midnight PST
  • Get your information package. Email  Put 70 is the new 50 I’m interested” in the subject line.

Sherry Kallergis
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