Chase Those Blues Away

In the fall and winter living on the west coast can feel mAt Forty Five Chase The Blues Awayore like living on the wet coast. The rain can feel like a welcome refresh, but it can also give me a serious case of the winter blues. To get me out of my funk I have a list of small pleasures that switch up my routine and give me a smile.

Chase Blues Away Pleasures

Wear a bright lipstick. I tend to wear a lot of dark clothing and I do not wear a lot of makeup, but a swipe of a bright shade makes me smile, sometimes I will even treat myself to a new tube

Trade in for a specialty beverage.  Americano’s are my go to morning coffee, because they are reasonably priced, but a cappuccino and biscotti is a great trade up.

Watch a guilty pleasure show. Everyone has a guilty pleasure show that they could binge watch all weekend. They might never admit it though. I don’t always have time to fit  in my favorite but when I do it always cheers me up.

Give an impromptu performance. Take your singing out of the shower, put on your favorite music and treat yourself to a jazzy beat. Music is uplifting and singing is good for your soul.

At Forty Five Cup of TeaUse a special item. Have a nice set of china, or a piece of fine jewelry you never wear? Make your blah day bright by using it just for a day. My teacups always do the trick for me.

Have any small pleasures that you use? Comment below to share.

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