Chicago ISTE Sights Amid People

Chicago At Forty Five It was my first trip to Chicago as well as my first ISTE event. So, what is an ISTE when it’s at home?

Here I am arriving in the Great Hall of the McCormack Centre, Chicago. The convention centre can host upwards of 20 000 people at any one time, and after my time there, I have a rough idea of what 20 000 humans looks like. ISTE is the International Standards of Technology Education, and yearly hosts a MASSIVE edtech conference, in a different US city (presumably ones that have massive conference centres). So here is a multi-layered post about what I did, saw and conquered in the Windy City, which was quite without breezes while I was there, actually….but here we go.

The Drive in from the airport:
Chicago At Forty Five
Through dense urban street scenes to quaint old school neighbourhoods, I was very quickly entranced by the city. Here are some more images:

About the only touristy event I had time for was the Architectural River Cruise. An absolute Do Not Miss. Here are some images of iconic buildings and the story the river tells of the history of Chicago. There are multiple cantilevered bridges crossing the Chicago River as it snakes through the city. The bridges are opened at scheduled times in the late spring and end of summer to allow boats out into Lake Michigan and back. The balance mechanisms of the bridge weights are so precise that they can’t even add a coat of paint to a bridge, or it throws the balance off. As the tour passed under bridges, frequently locals would stand and wave or even yell things at the boats. My favorite was two likely gents who started a “Let’s go Cubbies Let’s go!!” chant.

The river has re-greened over the past decades, algae blooming, attracting freshwater animals as ever so slowly one of the world’s most polluted rivers has become a healthy and attractive waterway.

There are so many different styles of architecture, and considering the city rebuilt itself after the fire, it’s interesting that it is so random.

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