Choosing Non-toxic Spring Cleaning Alternatives Protect Family And Pets

Cleaning At Forty FiveIt’s springtime and this means that it’s time to open the windows and dust the cobwebs away. We put our winter clothes away and let the warm sunlight energize our souls. For many of us, it also means moving into spring cleaning mode. Sadly, many people are still using those heavy duty cleaners that are quite frankly very toxic to our health and the health of our environment, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Did you know using all natural products to clean is very effective?

You Don’t Need To Hold Your Breath

Essential oils have been a game changer for me when it comes to cleaning. The first time I used my all-purpose essential oil cleaner, I have to admit that I was skeptical, but from the very first spray, I instantly saw a difference. It wasn’t just as good as those toxic cleaners, it was much better.

cleaning At forty FiveThe most amazing thing for me was knowing that while I was cleaning with the oils, I didn’t have to hold my breath anymore to avoid the toxic fumes. I could breathe easy knowing that I was getting many health benefits at the same time as cleaning, and best of all, I no longer have to worry about my little dog slowly being poisoned while she’s walking, sniffing and licking on the floor. I personally don’t have little children, but just think about what they’re exposed to as they crawl around.

Essential oils are non-toxic, safe and amazingly effective.

Natural Alternatives Are Less Expensive

These are some of my favorite natural products that are wonderful for cutting grease, deodorizing and cleaning.  They’re also much less expensive than the store-bought cleaners.

  • Baking soda is cheap, it has grit, but is not damaging to surfaces. It’s also a great whitener.
  • Plain white vinegar is fantastic for removing soap scum.
  • Cleaning At Forty FiveDoTerra’s On Guard Concentrated cleaner. Washing the floors with this concentrate is the best clean you’ll ever get. In a bucket of water, you only need 1-2 tbsp.
  • DoTerra’s On Guard Laundry Soap is super concentrated and packs a punch for all your laundry needs.
  • 100% pure CPTG Essential oils are proven disinfectants, they effectively kill bacteria and mold. Don’t use anything less if you want the best results.

The Best Cleaning Oils

Cleaning At Forty FiveThe best oils to use for cleaning are all the citrus oils but especially lemon oil which is an antifungal, antiseptic and antiviral. Lemon has a wonderful scent that is uplifting too and who doesn’t want a cheery odor when doing some deep cleaning. It’s amazing for getting rid of sticky messes and does an awesome job of shining up the stainless steel appliances. I just take a damp cloth with a few drops of lemon, wipe it all down and then dry it off with a clean cloth. It’s great for cleaning windows, cutting grease, getting rid of odors in things like trash cans, getting crayon marks off surfaces, and stain removal too. The list is truly endless for this wonderful oil and since it’s the cheapest oil out there, it’s a must-have in every household.

melaleuca_largeTea tree (melaleuca) oil is an antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, and antimicrobial. I love the smell of tea tree and use it in the laundry a lot. I simply add a few drops to my all natural detergent and it takes care of any funky smells. It’s also cleaning my machine at the same time and if you have a front loader like I do, you know that they can get pretty stinky. Many people use bleach to get rid of mold, the problem is that bleach doesn’t kill the mold spores it just whitens them, making you falsely believe they’re gone. Well, Tea Tree oil kills those mold spores, taking care of the problem once and for all. Even diffusing tea tree in a poorly ventilated bathroom will keep those spores at bay. This oil is great for all cleaning jobs.

Healthy At Forty FiveMy favorite all time cleaning oil is doTerra’s On Guard Blend (wild orange, clove bud, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary). This blend smells like Christmas in a bottle. The power of On Guard to kill germs is second to none. It cuts the greasiest messes like nothing I’ve seen before. Soap scum dissolves with no effort at all. The following all-purpose cleaner is great for all the surfaces in your home. Simply take a 16oz glass spray bottle, add 5 drops of the On Guard oil blend, 2 tsp liquid soap, top it off with water and voila you’re all set to go.

Making your own cleaning products is so simple, effective and totally economical.

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Sue Rich
Sue Rich is an Essential Oil educator, and team leader, with a passion for sharing natural solutions and helping people live their dreams to the fullest. She is also a yoga instructor and loves incorporating the oils into the yoga practice. Living in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Sue loves being in nature and staying active.