Our Christmas Tree Holds Dear My Memories

Christmas Tree At Forty Five I put up our Christmas tree … alone. I wasn’t lonely or sad but instead felt a feeling of reverence for the life we have been blessed with.

When our children were born, we started the tradition of giving them two ornaments every year so when they left to create a life of their own, they would have a Christmas tree reflective of their childhood. Every year we searched for the perfect ornament that would be symbolic of what the year had entailed. Now, our tree is filled with 27 years of molding a marriage and 23 years of raising a family.

Each piece marks the passing of time and the creation of memories. The branches cradle ornaments that were passed on from my youth, documented firsts and holidays spent with family and friends. There are school treasures made with popsicle sticks, buttons, yarn, material and sparkles with handwritten names garnishing the backs. These are my favorite.

The decorated tree will sit waiting till our kids come home changing the quietness into a bustle of activity and all will be as it should be.

For a brief moment of time. ❤️

xo L xo

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Lisa Diane
Lisa Diane

Home is my happy place. Hugs, naps and baths are my therapy! My greatest blessings are a quiet man who loves me unconditionally and the beautiful souls who call me Mom.

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