Ciel Ellis: Leading Women To Greatness with Clarity

Ciel Ellis helps women achieve clarity. She has learned a lot in her own quest and her goal is to make your journey easier. Ciel has written a book and we started with that when AT FORTY FIVE had the opportunity to chat.

Clarity Quest At Forty Five
Clarity Quest: Discover Exactly Who YOU Are by Ciel Ellis

Is writing a book on your bucket list?  Imagine saying to yourself, today I am going to get that underway. You decide what the topic will be. You ponder if it could make money or lead to bigger things for you or your business.

Then your mind sees mountains. Is your knowledge worth sharing? Will anyone want to read it?  Do you have the skills needed?

You find the resolve to follow your dream and sit down to face the pristine white screen waiting to be filled. Day One! The process sounds daunting however, that is exactly what Ciel did. Day after day Ciel put in the effort to get the words onto the screen.

Ciel’s e-book Clarity Quest: Discover Exactly Who YOU Are is published and available on Amazon.  The book itself was motivated by a bigger calling that Ciel has spent her life aligning to.  In fact, the book is a celebration of the events of her life.

“We were all born magnificent and yet sometimes the events of our lives has us believe otherwise.  It is my passion to help women release those events and remind them of who they really are.”

Clarity Ciel Ellis At Forty FiveDiscovering Ciel

Ciel has a powerful past that influences her narrative today. Ciel spent the first twenty-five years trying to fit in and wanting to belong.

The odyssey culminated in Ciel taking control of her life in the second twenty-five years.  She questioned how she wanted to live her life and committed to doing it on her own terms with no obligation to others or outside influences.  Clearly, she embraced the notion if you follow your passion there is a source of goodness that supports and allows you to live in freedom.

She pursued training and became a certified coach. Her quest for more knowledge involved a leadership program and retreats that provided reflection from her colleagues resulting in clear directions. She gained clarity and focused on becoming a leader and mentor for women to get back to the life they want to live.

Ciel knows that there is no secret sauce, you have to do the work. Forget finding a quick fix. Ciel learned a lot about the work of commitment and change through her 25 years of personal writing and knows you can make progress faster and further by working together.

At Forty Five ClarityLeading Women To Greatness With Clarity

The Dalai Lama quote “The world will be saved by the western women” resonates with Ciel.

Living our lives as women, we are so capable.  Often though, women become masterful at managing all kinds of responsibilities, often, forgetting about themselves.

Ciel believes the social structure is not working well for us. The change in women from the role of traditional housewife to one of a business leader is cause for confusion all around.  Men don’t know how to be with this new woman and the new women have trouble communicating what they now need. It seems often abrasive conversations are the norm. Our generation learned from an outdated model growing up. A new style is needed.

Ciel believes achieving clarity on:

  • Who am I?
  • What are my gifts?
  • How do I live with those gifts?

will help women communicate effectively and result in peace and joy. Ciel shares the roadmap in her book. She also has some very helpful podcasts on her website (see the links below in Learn More) that provide inspiration and insight.

Building a Thriving Community

Wrapped around the book is an online community for inspiring women and a twelve-week online program for those who want assistance in getting through the work of finding clarity and purpose.

The community provides an essential space to be vulnerable and share. As Ciel says, one needs to clear the events, create distance, and lose the story so you can get to where you no longer respond to an emotional trigger.

Ciel encourages you to focus on clarity. Your biggest story is yet to be told, no matter what your past held!

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