Combat Sweet Treats With Carb Blocker

carb At Forty FiveValentine’s day brings delicately decorated heart-shaped cookies and sweets piled high. Pink and red trimmed enameled tins full of perfect chocolate spheres nestled in crinkly papers ready to accompany a steaming cup of coffee. Elegant candlelit dinners with exquisite food served course after course, each paired with a sumptuous wine lead up to a decadent piece de resistance dessert.  If your “New Year Intentions” have held on, the season of love may seriously challenge your resolve.

Eating poorly, feasting on sugary carbs, make you feel blah.  It’s hard to recover your energy and feel active when bloated.  So, how do you make sure you keep with your weight loss goals and not compromise all that you have accomplished?

So simple!

Carb At Forty FiveReach For Carb Blocker

A bottle of Carb Blocker can help keep the scales tipping in your favor. Carb Blocker by Modere delays the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. Carb Blocker helps support your weight management goals and assists in reducing cravings.


You can always hope your loved one decides on beautiful bouquets, sparkly jewelry, original paintings or a sweet smelling scents. Personally, though I go for experiences and it seems eating almost always is involved. It is such a social activity.

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