How Craniosacral Therapy Changed My Life

I was in my early 30’s when I moved to Bali from Denmark with my husband and our 2 small kids. I’d had many different jobs throughout my life but none of them sparking any real passion in me. I became friends with a Dutch woman named Elisa, who was an amazing healer. She told me she was a craniosacral therapist. “A what?” I asked. I had never heard of craniosacral therapy at that point but I knew people went to her for many different ailments and the results seemed too good to be true! That year my marriage fell apart, my world turned upside down and my journey into craniosacral therapy began.

I was looking for a change and I began studying with Elisa’s incredible teacher. The setting couldn’t have been more perfect. The learning center was in the jungle up in the mountains above Ubud. After the very first course, my head reeling from information overload, I knew I’d found my calling. Tapping into the system, listening to the bones of the skull move, feeling the flow of the cerebral spinal fluid: This felt so natural and familiar to me. I knew this language of the body, of the heart.

Over the next many years I continued to study craniosacral therapy as well as shamanic practices from local healers. I’ve added other manual modalities to my work such as visceral manipulation and total body balancing but the core of my work has always been craniosacral therapy.

What is Craniosacral Therapy?At Forty Five Carniosacral

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle type of bodywork that can create dramatic improvements in your life. Its very light touch releases restrictions deep within the body to relieve dysfunction and pain, thus improving whole body health. It can help with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. The objective of craniosacral therapy is to help YOU heal YOU.

In the words of Hugh Milne;

This is a healer’s work; it specializes in matters of the heart and soul.

Techniques are drawn from 3 principal traditions: osteopathy, energy work and taoism. A supremely gentle approach, it honours both the analytic understanding of how things happen and the intuitive perception of how things really are. Combined, the soul can be touched and real healing can occur.

Craniosacral work combines sensitive hands on bodywork with the meditative use of the inner eye and inner ear. Throughout life, our body absorbs many stresses and strains physically, emotionally and mentally. Over time these can compromise the function of the central nervous system and the performance of nearly every other system in the body.
Craniosacral therapy releases these restrictions and allows the entire body to relax and self correct. The effects can be quite profound as issues can be worked on at a level that many other manual techniques can not reach.
Who can it benefit?

Those suffering from chronic pain, migraines, neurological issues, insomnia, anxiety, stress, trauma, grief and so much more… Not long ago, I was working with a woman suffering from overwhelming grief. She had lost her son the year before and, understandably so, was finding it hard to move on. It was causing terrible pain in her body and she’d developed severe insomnia. I’d worked on her a few times with great temporary success. She’d feel better and pain free for a short while and then everything would come crashing back. I sensed that there was more but that she wasn’t ready to let go of it yet.

This last time we worked together was extremely powerful. During the session I helped her find where in her body she was storing her grief. She was ready to work with it, and through the session she was able to see it, feel it, and remove that painful pocket of sadness. She’s a new woman. She still mourns her son and misses him every day, but she is now pain free, sleeps well at night and has a sense of peace within her that she’d been missing for so long.

This is why I love craniosacral therapy. The changes I’ve seen it make in my and my clients’ lives keep me humble and in awe!