Create A Beautiful You Using A Stylist’s Chic Fashion Formula

,Fall Fashion At Forty FiveAs a stylist, I am often asked is there a fashion formula women can follow. What I like to do if ever I am short on inspiration for an outfit, is to cut out photos of my most favorite Fashion looks of the season and make collages on my closet door.

Then every day when I need to think about dressing I look at these photos and try and mix and match them with what already exists in my closet.

You core wardrobe is basic pieces; a tailored trouser, a fabulous blazer, a skirt, a great shirt and a dress. You just need your basic pieces, then add a trendy piece or two.

Here is a look you can try this week. Start with a pleated skirt and add an oversized sweater (or jumper as we say in Europe). Finish it off with a sock fit stretch boot. If you want to go casual, wear the look with a sneaker or even an army flat boot. Choose a pencil skirt instead of a pleated one if you have a curvy figure. And never forget to feel good in what you are wearing!

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Kathy Patellis-Schmidt is a Fashion Stylist in Lucern, Switzerland.

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Kathy Patellis-Schmidt
Kathy Patellis-Schmidt


Kathy Patellis-Schmidt is a Professional Fashion Stylist with vast experience from the Fashion Industry. Through her business, she empowers women by helping them create a stylish, elegant and timeless wardrobe and find their perfect personal style.

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