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Darci lang At Forty Five I am thankful I met this wonderful woman, Darci Lang, because she gave me the guide to being grateful. Darci is proof of the power of positivity. Her life-altering approach and her personal story are inspiring.

Focus On The 90%

Darci offers one simple tool, “Focus on the 90%”. This message allows her to impact individuals and organizations assisting their staff to focus on those things around them that nurture and support them.

Life is comprised of 90% positive experiences and yet human nature focuses on that 10% that challenges our happiness. Darci’s rule allows us to enjoy and focus on the areas of our lives that are full. It puts the 10% in perspective and takes it out of the magnifying glass lens. See Learn More at the end of this page for contact info.

I asked Darci, “what tool do you lack in your toolbox”? True to her 90% lens, she responded that in every chapter of life or new season your toolbox is changing, not lacking. “Whatever season I enter I look for the new tools I need.”

Changing Life Seasons Require New Tools

Darci used the seasons of marriage analogy. The children grow up, move out and you are left gazing at your spouse, who may be a bit of a stranger. This is the person I want to be with for the rest of my life, so what tools do I need? She recommends searching out other women that have been through it, research and read up on the stage, ask questions to find the answer.

Darci Lang At Forty Five
Darci’s advice to women encountering changing seasons is to look at the roles you play in your life; entrepreneur, partner, mother, daughter, etc. How much depletion and rejuvenation does that role require? What do you need to be nourished and happy? Throwing an old life out for a new life is scary and hard, so why not consider making your own better.

Meet The Needs Of The Woman In The Mirror

Every opportunity I get to engage with Darci feels like a healing encounter. What dictates her success is her commitment to herself and meeting the needs of “the woman in the mirror”. Darci says it is the best advice she ever received. She stresses that for a woman to give back to her family, the people she meets, her job, she needs to be at her maximum. The art of making sure one’s self is full so others can benefit is a difficult one for many women. It makes sense though that you cannot pour from an empty cup.

So often women are the nurturers, the givers. Ask the woman in the mirror what does she need first. You cannot look after anyone else if you are depleted. Darci says she can always spend more time for yoga, walks, and naps. When your needs are met then you can start to ask what can I do to be a beacon of love and support for my family’s needs. Darci recommends spending time alone to focus and write down your 90% so you are clear.

At Forty Five Darci When you encounter your 10% Darci has a unique strategy to move through it.

The Three Times Rule

Darci is a pragmatist and understands there are problems in life. Most times we love to ruminate about that 10 %, over and over. Her rule of 3 times is one I instantly implemented.Recognize your problem and the value of outside discussion. Her analogy of women and the bond of friendship and the social interaction and guidance we look for from our best friends is apt. We get together and we vent about the issue. Let’s call this the first time; recognizing the problem.

The next time you meet, you have had some contemplation time and have developed a strategy or an arsenal of solutions but nothing is concrete. This is your second-time; developing potential solutions opportunity.

Then, most of us will recognize that we start to replay the scenario, complaining about the outcome or lack of one over and over and yet never implementing a solution.

This is the pivotal point. Darci says the third time you come together, there must be a solution. That can mean you choose not to change a thing but your attitude; to accept and move on, or choose a new path; the beauty is the decision is yours. The problem is resolved.

Introducing Darci

Darci Lang is a motivational speaker celebrating twenty-five years of sharing her wisdom on the professional stage throughout Canada. Being a wife and mother though are the achievements that give her the most pleasure.

She admits being a motivational speaker can be a high ego business. It’s exciting mentoring professionals however one needs to cushion yourself for when it is over. Success is a lonely, hollow place to fully achieve your self-esteem from. One can go from 500 people hanging on your every word in an auditorium to the next hour eating alone in an airport. She structures her life so her business is a small portion of “Darci-Lang”.

“If you get your self-esteem from work you would never come home”.

Darci Getting Started

Darci is from the small town of Biggar, Saskatchewan. With her unique lens of perception, she recognized the beauty of the province and made her home in Regina.
Darci’s successes can be stamped “approved” by the societal typical in many cases. As a young entrepreneur, she acquired part of a thriving tuxedo rental company. Her outlook, girls can do anything, is attributed to her colorful childhood and the fact she was raised by her father.

Applying for a job at a tuxedo company in Winnipeg seemed “normal” to her, however, the tuxedo company assumed Darci was a boy and decided that measuring and fitting male clients all day was best suited to that gender. She convinced them to give her the chance and it was a lasting relationship. She became a part-owner at 24 years old and moved the business to Regina where she established a thriving tuxedo business that she later sold.

Darci Lang
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Adding To Her Toolbox

It sounds like a rosy story but laced between the layers are challenges to which no one is immune. Establishing a business in a new city proved difficult. Bridal show marketing opportunities were not open to a new competitor. No one was willing to associate with a start-up company so the bills accumulated. Within six months, Darci and her husband Darren started their own bridal show as a means to advertise their tuxedo store. Twenty-five years later they still produce The Most Incredible Bridal Show in Regina.

During the interview, although an attentive listener, you can sense that love of conversation as she recounts her first speaking engagement.

During her weekly bank run ritual, the bank’s manager and staff encountered Darci’s 90% lens. The manager approached her as to her source of happiness. Sharing she read a book referring to a magnifying glass and our choice of what we held in front, Darci chose to focus on the 90% positive. The manager asked her to speak about it with their staff and so Darci added professional speaking to her toolbox, naturally.

I am glad she did. Now when faced with negativity, I realize that it is only 10% of the picture. I choose to put my magnifying glass on the 90% and live blessed. Thank you Darci-Lang for that simple yet life-changing tool.

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