Just What Is It That Defines Success?

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Everyone desires success but is how much you are making your only goal post?

“It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.”
~Tom Brokaw

We’re getting close to the end of my fiscal year and I’m sitting here looking at my Excel spreadsheets – the ones that tell me how many gazillions of dollars I have (or haven’t) earned through my writing, workshops and speaking engagements this year.
Folks, it’s not looking good. As a matter of fact, those spreadsheets are looking rather bleak. By our culture’s standards, one would say that my “business” is a colossal failure. While I’ve managed to earn enough to keep the business going and growing this year – the newly designed women’s website; the launch of the mentor program – I don’t see any numbers that come remotely close to a “living wage”.
Success With CJ At Forty FiveYet, I feel overwhelmingly successful. My words have managed to touch hundreds of women and girls and I hear from them often with comments that let me know I’ve given them encouragement, strength, self-confidence, Tao, and defiance.

Every speech I give and workshop I facilitate, I come into contact with the most amazing women and girls; women and girls who give me inspiration and help me continue to grow as a woman, mother, wife, grandmother, and friend.

So, we come to the question posed in the title of this blog: “Just what is it that defines success?”

When you look at your life; your work; your accomplishments, do you see success in all that you do? Can you look beyond the stereotypical monetary definition of success and recognize the personal, intellectual and creative contributions you are sharing for the benefit of others?

No, it doesn’t pay all the bills, but it sure is the most fulfilling measure of success I can imagine.

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As the author of Tao of the Defiant Woman: Five Brazen Ways to Accept What You Must and Rebel Against the Rest and its subsequent book for teen and pre-teen girls, Tao-Girls Rule: Finding Balance, Staying Strong, Being Bold in a World of Challenges, CJ Golden has been writing, blogging, speaking and facilitating workshops for national and local women’s and girls’ organizations. She continues to help women and teens find joy along their life paths despite the struggles they may encounter