Detox – Scientific vs Psychological

I have never been a proponent of fad diets. Personally, I recommend Weight Watchers and the Canadian Food Guide. However, indulgent food choices have left my feet feeling similar to when I was pregnant. In an attempt to kick-start a healthy eating regime I have turned to the detox cleanse concept and jumped on the “smoothie” bandwagon.

The science is that many toxins are stored in the lipids deposits. The method to rid the body of those fat bound toxins is where the question arises.

I searched the internet for what seemed like a healthy detox and landed on this one with a few personal tweaks. What I like is the explanation behind the foods chosen and their readily accessibility. With my blender in hand, I mixeAt Forty Five Feel Fantastic Detoxd the concoction. As in any meal food presentation entices us and stimulates the brain into satisfaction. What we see as appealing triggers our taste buds. So make the most of your smoothie and put in a glass that says “class” to you.


½ cup cucumber
½ cup kale
¾ cup pineapple
1 Tbsp coconut oil
½ lime juice
1 cup water
6 ice cubes

Citrulline an organic compound found in cucumbers helps the liver and kidneys filter toxins. While pineapple contains enzymes that assist weight loss…and to me, add the taste to this cleanse.

We all know Kale is a superfood packed with vitamins and minerals and is an antioxidant powerhouse.

The natural fat of coconut oil purports to go directly to the liver for energy versus being stored and gives us the feeling of being full.

Limes belong to the alkaline food list and help create a healthy pH balance.

The important part is if you aren’t feeling rejuvenated. If you are feeling fatigued and lethargic, listen to your body. It is saying it isn’t right for you. Scientific or psychological I feel there are benefits from both.

With so many different sales pitches out there what is your opinion? Weigh in on the debate scientific vs psychological.

Holly James
Holly James is a mother of three embracing her 50s. A farm girl from rural Alberta she loves the outdoors.