Diabetes: What You Don’t Know Can Be Deadly

Diabetes At Forty FiveThe effects of diabetes can be silent. For example, I randomly woke up at about 4:20 am. At first, I thought I just woke up and then I noticed feeling strange…I thought to myself, maybe I should test my blood sugars. They can be low during the night.

The first test strip was a bad one so I had to try the second one. To my shock, my blood sugars were at 3.4 mmol/L. This is a Canadian measurement, the measurement is different in the United States. If you don’t know a lot about diabetes this is a dangerously low number.

Thank goodness I woke up. I chewed some glucose tablets that bring your blood sugar back up to within normal range. Five finger pokes later (at a cost of $5.00) for just this one incident, I am going back to bed and I hope that they don’t fall again.

Life-Threatening Complications

Type 2 diabetes is a very serious disease that over time can develop life-threatening complications. I haven’t always taken my diabetes seriously until my friend from Las Vegas was telling me about some health issues directly related to her diabetes. She had already lost a small toe from amputation and she now had blood pooling at the back of her eyes, she told me that she could not see and could not drive. Just recently she told me that the doctors said she will lose her eyesight which broke my heart.

This absolutely terrified me, she had diabetes for only 15 years, and I was so afraid for her. I made a decision to change my habits in that moment as I listened to what she was facing because of this disease.

Diabetes At Forty Five

Turn It Around

A lot of people have pre-diabetes and don’t even know it. If you are carrying extra weight especially around your midsection you can be pretty darn sure that you are most likely pre-diabetic. At this stage, you can still turn it all around with healthy diet and exercise.

When my friend told me the story of these complications from her diabetes, my own blood sugars were really out of control. I was not doing my due diligence, I was not taking care of my health the way I needed to. I am happy to say that after having my aha moment and over the past four weeks, by having laser focus on eating healthy and exercise, my blood sugars are in normal range and I am taking much less insulin. Because this disease can be so silent and deadly over time when blood sugars are running high, it is so important to test and be sure what your numbers are.

New Non-Invasive Blood Sugar Monitoring

I am so excited and passionate about the new Non-Invasive Blood Sugar Monitoring Device. Wor(l)d Global Network is bringing it to market in early 2018 and it will not be sold in stores. The use of the Glucose Monitor will help people easily and in a cost-effective way to monitor their blood sugar levels and get them in check before they need to be on pills and/or insulin.

Had I had this new device I would not have had to poke myself five times that night, poking is not much fun. The HELO LX and the new Blood Glucose Monitor are only available by purchasing them through a Wor(l)d Global Network Distributor.

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Denise Dale
Denise has been diabetic for over 25 years. She is passionate about educating people about diabetes so that they understand the silent complications that can build over time. She is a Distributor with Wor(l)d Global Network who markets the HELO LX Wellness Band that monitors your vitals as well as blood pressure, EKG, heart rate and very soon your blood sugar levels with Non Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring.