Don’t Look Your Age Darling: Pro Make Up Tips and Tricks

At Forty Five Be BeautifulAs the client transforms in my chair, a smile from brim to brim appears, with delight as she looks at herself in the mirror!  It’s one of the most rewarding affirmation of sheer satisfaction and pleasure I experience in my job.  Each woman is unique and I approach each individually removing the rest of the world, listening closely to their needs and concerns as this is my special time with her, one on one.

As a well-seasoned makeup artist for Lancôme Cosmetics, I can honestly say how truly honored I have been to have had so many beautiful women sit in my chair.  Life is a journey, and like all of us, we all started somewhere.  For me, I have had many different hats in my lifetime, but one stands out the most, my passion for painting.  It was truly a gift, but I also desperately needed time for my growing family.

So, taking that positive energy I applied it to makeup artistry.  This gave me balance and lifestyle I so desperately needed.  For many years now I have worked in this field residing with Lancôme where I go all over giving as much expertise and special attention to each woman I have the pleasure to meet.

Tips and Tricks

So here I am with you, dear reader sharing some tips and tricks but first my mantra.

The first rule I always say is, it’s no use dressing up to date and having your hair styled, if your makeup is not up to par!  You can look “in style” and ten years younger by just applying a few simple updates to your regime and makeup tricks!

Eyes – Add A Bit of Blue 
Make sure your colors are up to date.  Blue is trendy right now, it doesn’t hurt to initiate a small amount to bring you into 2016!  Whether it is in your eyeliner or shadow.  Not in for the lashes this season ladies!  Just the basic blacks and brown.  I love the Kohl Pencil and Black Lapis, from Lancôme.

Mascara – One is Not For All 
I see this mistake over and over, blondes, please don’t wear brown.  If you want to be subtle or natural I suggest using soft black.  Otherwise, regular black is the best choice for you.  Brunettes look amazing in brown, same rules apply, soft brown for subtle or natural look, otherwise bold brown can be spectacular! The monochromatic look is fantastic for our brown haired lady.  Redheads you may use black or brown depending on your mood.

Concerning mascara’s, just because one mascara does not work out for you, try again as we all have different eyes.  That’s why we have such a selection in Lancôme, we recognize you are unique! To customize your look, take a good look at your eyes. Do you get At Forty Five Look Beautiful Don't Look Your Agemascara under your eye?  Do you get mascara above on your lid?  You will probably notice your lashes lay on your under eye skin or perhaps they are just deep set.  I recommend a thin wand in this case.  Perhaps try Definicils.  Want lots of thick lashes, try Hypnose Drama.   Looking for long, natural and sexy, try our new Hypnose Volume-a-Porter.  Or perhaps, you are losing lashes and you need a weightless mascara.  Try our treatment mascara, Grandiose!

Eye Primers – Longer Lashes Made Simple
What do they do?  Believe it or not it’s a makeup trick.  All beauticians wear it!  Primers enhance your lashes.  Make sure you see the white application on your lashes.  Apply more where you would like to emphasize more lashes!  The bonus, longer lashes and your mascara will last longer!  I recommend Cil Booster by Lancôme.

Face Primers – Deflect Lines and Wrinkles
You want smoother skin,  more light reflecting and light refracting properties that take away from lines and wrinkles on your face,  use a primer before your foundation.  La Base is an excellent choice!

Foundations – Make Your Skin Flawless 
There are so many choices today.  There is one for every skin type.  The trick is getting your color matched perfect by an expert beauty advisor and also one that suits your complexion.  Here is an example.  Let’s say your concerns are, pigmentation on your skin, your normal to dry, and would like a foundation that you cannot see on your skin, but gives you a flawless look. I would recommend, Teint Visionnaire by Lancôme.  We call it,   “our new generation foundation” as it works on correcting your skin and comes with a matching concealer, so you never have to match your concealer again.  A three in one product!

Bronzers – Wake Up Your Face 
Instead of blush why not try a bronzer!  Wake up your face by applying a bronzer softly all over your face, emphasizing cheek bones and where ever else the sun would catch you on your face.  Make sure you have applied bronzer on the whites of your temples on forehead, nose and chin.  Pull your hair back and make sure to get the sides of your neck and the tips of your ears.  A little bronzer dusted on your upper chest and on your shoulders finishes the look.  Of course, depending on the season and what you are wearing.  Great for all seasons for that healthy glow, a little blush can be applied on the cheeks if necessary to give you a pop more color if necessary.

I hope you enjoy these tips and tricks and apply them to your daily regime!

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