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Accessible Travel At Forty FiveAccessible travel takes initiative but the rewards are great. It can also provide opportunities for entrepreneurship too.

My dad had a very entrepreneurial spirit. In Canada, we think nothing of popping into a Loblaw’s or Safeway for groceries, but, a large western-style supermarket was a very novel concept in Pakistan in the 1990s. He was the first one to start a self-serve supermarket in Karachi. I strongly believe that I have inherited my fathers’ entrepreneurial spirit.

Accessible Travel Is Timely

I am an Accessible Travel Specialist and work with a home-based travel agency called Travel for All, Inc.

Accessible Travel At Forty FiveI am part of the team at Travel For All; however, I am developing our presence in Vancouver. We are Canada’s Premiere Accessible Travel Agency and have arranged well over 5000 vacations for travelers with ‘Special Requirements’ (cane users, complex health issues, wheelchair etc.).

Although I do work from a home-based office, this company is well known and very much needed in the travel space.

We are the premier travel agency in Canada servicing people of all Abilities, we have access to resources as we know the suppliers and the vendors. And, as a frequent wheelchair traveler myself, I can pass on my experiences in the field.

Accessible Travel At Forty FiveThe World Awaits

I love to talk about my trip to Egypt which was back in 2009. Egypt is very inaccessible, but they will [physically] carry you no matter how and take you to whatever you want to see, wherever you want to go and make sure you have a good time. Of course, you have to generously tip them, but they will make it happen for you.

I am generally careful with my health, but post-polio syndrome hasn’t dampened my spirits. I zip lined in Whistler last August and it was an amazing experience. They make sure that they harness you nice and tight, remove the wheelchair from under you and off you go.

Accessible Travel At Forty FiveTraveling is participating in life. When I see a glint in women’s faces, that excitement, it makes me very happy that I have touched some spot on their heart. And I say to myself, “this is awesome. I’ve done my job.”

I even danced in my wheelchair for the first time last year at the Miss Wheelchair Canada 2017 as pageant participant. (Read the Tabassum Chagani story here)

So, today, I don’t expect people to look at my wheelchair. I expect them to see me for who I am, and they do see me for who I am despite the wheelchair. Show the world you can be as good as anyone, even better.
Even better. That is the motto I live by.

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Accessible Travel At Forty FiveAccessible Travel At Forty Five

Accessible Travel Specialist
I’m a world traveler and it just so happens that I travel in a wheelchair. By taking part in Miss Wheelchair Canada Pageant, I experienced an adventure that I will remember for the rest of my life.