Make Dreaming Of Ancient Crete A Reality

Crete At Forty FiveLife in Crete. Being a Cretan. Living like an ancient Greek. Tending a grove of olive trees. Drinking local wine. Making soap and honey. Dipping your toes in the warm waters, every day. What it must be like to really live in Crete, not just visit. One can only imagine.

The first 7 days of June, we were taken by the magic of Crete. It is a special place. Belonging to the chain of Greek islands, but a unique experience unto itself. We wanted to know what it would be like on the Greek islands in general. I suspect they each have a character, waiting to be discovered.

Crete At Forty FiveI have long since dreamed of sitting by the sea in a warm breeze, eating the foods common to the Mediterranean. Greece in particular! All of this dreaming has always been just that. Even as we began to plan our year away, Greece was not really on the list. Finally, my daughter put her foot down and said, “I want to go to Greece”. The one thing she has asked for, besides an excursion to the Lush store in London.

So I got to satisfy my lifelong dream to eat olives, where I can see the trees they came from. Focusing on vegetables, fish, olive oil and salty cheese. Lemons, so many fresh lemons. Garlic. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

Far away from the mainland

Well, not really. It is actually a very short flight over from Athens. But, it feels like a world away. It was once the center of the Minoan civilization, (c. 2700-1420 BC) which is the earliest known civilization in Europe.

Crete At Forty FiveSuffice to say, many feet have walked the paths, alleyways, and streets of Crete before we tread there. Still, it doesn’t feel so old. In fact, Crete forms a significant part of the economy of Greece.

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