You Can Add Harmony To Your Life: Janyse Hrynkow, MA CCC Psychotherapist

In this world full of stress and stressed out people, harmony with those around you and yourself can be elusive. It is trendy to have a coach, be it for business, physical fitness or lifestyle but counseling well, we often don’t look at it quite the same way. Counseling can carry a mental health stigma. It is like admitting we are not competent or we may be less than that “superwoman” often portrayed and found in your Facebook feed.

Janyse Hrynkow, MA CCC, Psychotherapist and her company ah ha Solutions is out to set that myth aside. She believes counseling is coaching and she specializes in helping people create more harmony in their lives.

Janyse Hrynkow offers online therapy

Introducing Janyse Hrynkow

I first met Janyse when a loved one needed support and skill development. I was struck by her understanding and empathy but especially with her practical approach to change. Janyse is a master at reassuring you that there is a solution for all situations.
That harmony in your life is possible. She asserts when you have hope then it becomes easier to believe in your goal and foster change in your life. It empowers you to take a step forward to harmony.

Janyse provides objective oversight and strategies that help you connect with your inner strengths and create new patterns in your daily life. She is trained in multiple treatment approaches including Adlerian Lifestyle, Mindfulness-based (MBCT), Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Gottman Method, Art Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. A sought-after motivational speaker, Janyse has been in practice for over twenty years, providing services to individuals as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Her clients gain momentum in their personal lives as they practice change and the side effects are increased strength, new skills, renewed creative energy, enhanced self-confidence and sometimes a brand new direction.

Janyse shares a particularly rewarding client story. He was struggling to feel fulfilled in his successful business and personal life in the big city. After working with Janyse, he decided to acknowledge his dream and follow a passion for gardening. He up and moved to the other side of Canada to grow zucchini. Janyse reports he occasionally touches base and is still ecstatic with his new life.

Harmony At Forty Five
Art by Janyse Hrynkow

Putting Her Knowledge To Work

Janyse is inspirational because she practices what she teaches. She takes the time to balance her life and understands life IS change. Recently she undertook a big move and downsized which challenged her comfort zone and pushed her to put her own knowledge to work in her own life. It is not the first time that has happened.

That life experience and knowledge gained from thirty years of teaching, training, and teambuilding make her understanding and empathic. She strongly believes you must live in the present and encourages you to get unstuck from the past to move into harmony. She will help you find your passions and highly recommends you find an outlet for your creative side.

Janyse was born to be creative. She has an eye for design but also “the moves of Jagger”. Janyse loves to dance and spent years on the dance floors of Vancouver leading classes and organizing dancing meet-ups before they were a thing.

She has led an eclectic life, following teachers and taking training around the world. Janyse has had the privilege of working with many leaders in the theory of psychotherapy.

An accomplished artist, she has participated in a number of art events. Her bright colorful art inspires a joyful take on life on even the grayest of Vancouver days.

Her most proud accomplishment though is being a mother and raising her two sons, as a single mother, to be successful, bright, intelligent men. That her life includes beautiful grandchildren who bring her joy and friendship is icing on the cake of life.

Janyse is an uplifting and motivational woman with knowledge and an overflowing toolkit of expertise. If you find you are ready for a change let her help you add harmony.

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If you are seeking more harmony, contact Janyse for support or coaching at 778 608-3008.
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