Escape Games: A Mom Launches A Business With Her Children

Bamboozled Escape Games Room is open. Judy Dallas was brave enough to join forces with her two adult children Mark and Sarah to launch a business. They brought their dream to fruition during one of the most challenging times in which to start a business and it isn’t done yet. The journey started just months before COVID locked the world down.

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Judy has worn many hats during her extensive and varied career but becoming an entrepreneur/business owner is something brand new. Just about to turn 70 she, Sarah and Mark, opened their escape games room in the Metrotown area of Vancouver. We had an opportunity to meet with Judy to hear what they learned, how they worked together, the obstacles they overcame and the team they built.


Fun for everyone awaits just inside the door.
Who gets to this planet first? You or Elon Musk?
Treasure awaits if you can survive the journey.
A sneak peek into a room under construction.

What Is An Escape Games Room?

“There are many escape games rooms both locally and internationally. It is a form of entertainment that a wide range of customers enjoy. The core customer base is 18-35 year old friends however it is also a perfect experience for families, corporate groups and those celebrating important events like birthdays, stagettes, engagements and more.

The basic premise is that a group of 2 to 6 people come together to solve puzzles, play games and work together collaboratively to complete a mission. We are calling our adventures “escape games” rather than escape rooms. People have to solve puzzles and games to “escape” a locked game room. Our experiences are more mission based where there is a storyline, an immersive experience with a goal that you are striving for and the sense of satisfaction upon completing the mission. We feel that we represent the next generation of this type of entertainment – certainly in BC.” ~Judy Dallas

Such An Amazing Experience Awaits

I had such fun taking a tour and trying out the game. The sophistication of the story line suppported by an array of technical wizardry kept me off kilter and on my toes. You definitely need a team to solve the puzzles, at least this sixty year old mind did. I highly recommend you leave your age at the door and just let the fun takeover.

The artwork and props are stunning and on point with the theme. Bamboozled Escape Games made a point of hiring local artisans and I was very impressed with the level of expertise. There will be a total of four rooms. Visit soon.

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