Essential Oils: The Markers of Quality

Oils At Forty FiveThe quality of essential oils is critical to its’ efficacy. Using anything less than 100% pure can actually have negative effects on your wellbeing or result in you not attaining the desired goal. This might leave you feeling that they don’t actually have benefits.  Let me assure you that they do. They are powerful plant compounds, and science has proven their effectiveness countless amounts times. If you have had a less than successful foray into essential oils give it another try and consider the following to purchase.

Buyer Beware

When it comes to essential oils, it’s buyer beware. Many oils labeled 100% pure organic are not. You see, essential oils fall into the category of perfumes and cosmetics, and in these categories labeling practices are not very stringent. It’s also really important to know, that there’s no governing body in either the US or Canada that regulates the standards of essential oils, therefore we can’t be certain that there is truth in the label.

Labels reading 100% pure can have many other things added, such as fillers, solvents, pesticides, herbicides. The list of additives is extensive. Essential oils are often adulterated for the purpose of making more money. In some cases it can take a huge quantity of plant material to create a few millilitres of essential oils, and to bring down the cost, fillers can be added.

The fillers have similar chemical constituents to the original oil, making detection of the filler next to impossible with basic testing. So it’s only with extensive testing and a complete understanding of the science behind essential oils, that these additives will be detected.

The Source At Forty FiveThe Source Is Key

Sourcing is also a major factor when it comes to the quality of oils. The best oils come from plants that are indigenous to certain areas, from where the sunlight, the soil and the conditions are just right. As an example, we can grow lavender in North America, but it is far from the same plant that grows in France. The chemical constituents are not the same. The purity of the plant is not the same, the conditions are just not right. So if your oils come from local artisans, who grow their own plants, chances are the quality will be inferior, unless of course, the plant is indigenous to that area.

Supplier Integrity Counts

It’s so important to know the integrity of the company from which you purchase your oils. Transparency in their practices and commitment to the quality of their product is a must. This is why I work exclusively with doTerra.

A group of doctors and professionals founded the company in 2008. The intent was to create oils so pure that they could be taken internally. Since coming onto the market, they have grown exponentially and are currently the largest essential oil company on the planet. This company operates from a place of absolute integrity. They not only work diligently to provide top quality oils, they also work directly with the growers who produce these precious oils.

This is a big deal, as standard practice is there is a broker between the buyers and the growers. The broker makes most the profit, taking away from the hard-working producers. By dealing directly with the growers, doTerra ensures that these people receive fare wages all year long.

Standards Make A Difference

They have also created a standard that I wish everyone would adhere to. doTerra goes to extreme measures, to make sure that every bottle of oil is nothing but 100% pure. This standard is trademarked CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade). That means doTerra has each and every oil tested on 8 different levels by a third party laboratory. You see they want to ensure that there is no inside tampering with the laboratory results, guaranteeing us, the end users, a quality oil. I won’t bore you with the details of each test, but if science is your thing, you can read all about the standards below.

Quality At Forty FiveSupport A Better World

doTerra does wonderful things for their grower communities and other organizations through their charitable foundation called “The Healing Hands Foundation”.

They also support an effort called “Days For Girls”. Girls in underdeveloped countries are provided with sanitary packages which allow them to live a normal life during their cycles. The moon cycle is considered a dirty evil thing and girls are often locked away. They cannot go to school. By providing these packages, the girls can continue their education and thrive in their communities. Please visit their website to learn about the many charities they support around the world.

Each and every cent of the donation goes directly to the communities. That is important to note. Doterra themselves donate all the funds for administration. The integrity of this company is second to none.

If you’re ready to get some awesome oils or just want to know more about doTerra, I’m here to help you begin your journey. My passion is to help people find natural solutions to everyday problems.

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