Essentials You Need To Build The Best Swim Bag

Swim Essentials At Forty Five
Start With A Roomy Waterproof Bag

Getting to the pool is much easier if you get your swim bag organized with everything you need handy. I stay in my nightgown, throw on my coat and grab my bag at 5:30 in the morning. I make it so easy that I have no excuse. Now that might not work for everyone but the point is to set yourself up for success by streamlining what you have to do to get exercising.

Another important thing to note is that you don’t need anything fancy or break your pocketbook to get going. You can easily start out with a grocery bag, your shampoo bottle, and a towel. You can build the ultimate swim bag as time goes on.

The Bag

Some like backpacks, others exercise bags but whatever style it is best if you go with a waterproof one. Eventually, the wet towels and chlorine smell will overcome anything else and you want something that breathes.

I like this one because the shape fits easily into the lockers, it has venting, a dry compartment for shoes and has size options too.

Swim Cap

Chlorine wreaks havoc on your hair but is especially troublesome for colored or permed hair. I also find a swim cap keeps your body temperature warmer. I like these bubble crepe type because they do not slide off, come with a chin strap if you want, cover your ears and keep my earphones in place.

Swim Goggles

You cannot swim daily without a pair of goggles. Your eyes will become irritated and you need to see. Bumping into people as they swim is a major irritant. Some like the small goggles that fit almost in your eye socket but I like this pair. They are bigger and less likely to have to be cinched tight.


Ok, I love to have my favorite music playing. It helps keep the mojo moving but many pools are shutting the music off. Mine is one. So you can go with an expensive waterproof player but I just put my iPod Shuffle into use. I put it in a small baggy, put it under my cap and got this set of waterproof earphones. The sound is excellent and it works just fine.

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Water routines like swimming, aquafit, water walking or jogging are excellent options for keeping active.

Sherry Kallergis
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