Every Day Practice Loving Yourself Affirmation

There is a lot out there these days on self-love but I wonder, do you practice loving yourself?

Practice Loving Yourself
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When working with my clients on love, money, and health often blocks like anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, and hate get in the way. Being aware of your actions and honest with yourself is the first step. Sometimes working with a professional can help you break through barriers. Then you can practice loving yourself using the tools of affirmations more effectively.

Affirmations Can Release Negativity

Using affirmations daily to practice loving yourself, will support you in creating the life you want. You can achieve astonishing results with repetition twice every day, once in the morning and evening.

Perhaps you are saying to yourself, I do not like how I look today. I feel ugly, then you fill in the blank…my hair is a mess or I weigh too much.

Make a conscious effort to stop. Imagine a STOP sign or a DELETE button. Then say aloud or silently “STOP or DELETE” to the thoughts.

Next focus on finding something positive. Even if it doesn’t feel real. Did you know at first glance, the brain makes no distinction between “reality” and “imagination”? (Read more.) Now, add an affirmation.

Affirmation Of The Week

I choose to be responsible for my well-being.

I embrace the past, the present, and the future while being committed to the necessary work for my body, mind, and soul.

Today I am perfect and exactly the way I should be for a successful, happy, and healthy life.

You can try different variations, for example:

I am beautiful and embrace with deep gratitude my whole being.

You can add this simple breathing exercise to your routine to practice loving yourself:

Breathe in paying attention to your heart and say: “I am inhaling love.”

Then breathe out with: “I am exhaling gratitude.”

Remember this week, the more you practice loving yourself the better the outcome. Make you the focus this week.

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Anita Reisinger
Anita Reisinger

Anita Reisinger is an Intuitive Guide and Happiness Coach. She holds a Professional Certifitcate in the Science of Happiness at UC Berkeley; is a Practitioner of Hawaiian Huna; The Ancient Science of Success and Happiness. "Where Energy Blocks are Dissolved and Confidence Flows - I will find the exact subconscious blockages holding you back and resolve them energetically."

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