Everything You Need To Know About Glamping

Glamping literally redefines the conventional concept of camping. After spending half of your life handling household and career responsibilities, don’t you deserve a special retreat?

Does the passion for traveling keep haunting you in your dreams? No matter how many attractive destinations you have traveled to, there’s a lot more to explore in the world. Though many travel enthusiasts aren’t familiar with glamping, you should experience an exotic trip once in your lifetime.

What Exactly Is Glamping?

The concept is easy to understand. You probably have a retro camping experience in your past. It may not be positive. Recalling your sore back after a night on the hard ground or the fall as you stumbled in the pitch-black night to get to the bathroom might mean you are content to leave the memory in the past. After all, many of us are now spoiled by our “dream beds” and creature comforts. Our creaking knees and bad backs make it hard to embrace the concept of camping.

In simple words, glamping means enjoying being close to nature with all the luxurious amenities at hand. When you arrange a typical camping session, you don’t get the comfort of a five-star resort in your tent. In that case, you are just enjoying mother nature. Instead, glamping offers you all sorts of luxurious and relaxing amenities. As well, if you travel to offbeat destinations, it can be an ideal option if hotels are not prevalent.

Why glamping is a preferable option?

Perhaps, having a thrilling and adventurous camping session sounds exciting, but you are short of energy. Why jeopardizes your comfort? You can enjoy an authentic yet convenient “resort”.

There is no point in taking the more difficult road and suffering. So, what’s holding you back? Get planning!

It Is Good For Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing

If you still have doubts, glamping can enhance your physical and mental wellbeing. For example,

  • You will boost your energy levels just by getting in tune with nature. It helps take your mind away from your hectic lifestyle and gives your mind and soul a refresh.
  • A customized trip comes with loads of new experiences and stunning destinations.
  • Glamping can help you decrease your stress levels significantly by providing some worry-free, time.
  • A temporary change in your lifestyle will renew your focus and give you have a sense of freedom from your humdrum routine.

What are the best platforms for booking Glamping sessions?

There are multiple platforms that are extremely helpful for booking Glamping sessions. How do you determine the best platforms among all the available options? Well, Glamping Hub (headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA, and Seville, Spain) and Airbnb are two internationally recognized and exceptional names when it comes to booking a glamping experience.

Both of the platforms offer all types of glamping sessions with different budget plans, desired levels of convenience, and unique activities. The customer support teams of these platforms are highly reliable in terms of resolving client queries and obligations.

Browse the options.

Now, that you are clear on what glamping is, break free of your go-to vacation planning. Get busy and organize a fascinating trip.

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Glamping Hub


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  1. We did a girl’s vacation in Oregon and stayed in yurts. Very unique.

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